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11671Stephen Hawking comes out

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  • Osama
    Sep 2, 2010
      It is a fact that this conclusion was reached in Europe long time ago ,
      around the year 1600 , almost all discoveries and inventions were based on
      the fact that there is no God and human must take care of themselves instead
      of the sick idea that there maybe an imaginary carer named (God) , however ,
      modern networking and those who were interested in people management in the
      world thought differently (sometimes those are called the smart guys); to
      avoid questioning they ; "re introduced" the idea of the (God) so they can
      distribute wealth and commit murders in the name of the God ...among other
      hidden purposes , in doing so ,however , new human were evolved ; human with
      these specifications ; murderers , idiots , morons , vulgar , mean , vicious
      , stupids , unethical ,terrorists , thieves , insensitive , harsh , careless
      , selfish .... all of this in the name of the (God)..blessed with secret
      organizations and the Intel who in fact are nothing but twisted minded

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