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11643Re: [pinoy_atheists] Why Businessmen Recommend Cashflow 101 To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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  • gerald turaray
    Jun 9, 2010
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      ban her.

      did a quick search. seems to be that her email addy has been banned on a
      number of ml.

      found the following stuff too:
      (1) twitter - no idea if still active. twitter was down or something
      (2) wordpress - last post was jan2010 with a copypasta don't quit
      (retitled and links to ca2020)
      (3) pics - didn't check if ca2020 stuff there. saw some hair-related
      (4) facebook - used diff naming so hard to find at first
      (5) seems like she got new phone ~1day ago according to sulit.ph. has 1
      ca2020 spam in sulit.ph (could be more)
      (6) what company she works for (and location). no ca2020 stuff. but
      found a couple on sykes forum from her yahoo address.

      other details around the net. too lazy to find. overall, seems to be she
      joins ml's and fora to blast ca2020 stuff.

      nothing against ca2020 (no clear idea what they are) but i hate the
      ca2020 folks who spam ml.

      On Wed, 09 Jun 2010 09:01:53 -0000, "Jomarie Anne"
      <jomarieabayon@...> said:
      > Cashflow 101 was introduced to me by Create Abundance Business Community
      > <http://www.ca2020.net/> , a year ago. I had played it couple of times
      > already and learned a lot as a player. Now that I am already part of the
      > community, I learn more as I facilitate the game.
      > CASFLOW® 101 is an educational board game that teaches accounting,
      > finance, and investing at the same time. The Board Game teaches you how
      > to get out of the Rat Race (employment) and onto the Fast Track, where
      > your money works for you instead of you working hard for your money. Use
      > this game to practice real world investing with play money! Plan your
      > strategy with Opportunity Cards that include Big and Small Deals! Choose
      > your dream, learn the secrets of the rich, and get on the financial fast
      > track!
      > Let me give you "5 Reasons Why You Have to Play the Cashflow Game",
      > according to businessmen
      > There's a saying that "Experience is the best teacher." A lot people are
      > reading books like Rich Dad Poor Dad and after that they were inspired
      > to take action but, when the reality comes in, or after hearing some
      > negative comments from other people (most of the time from our family
      > and friends), they decided to stay in their comfort zone and do nothing.
      > Based on the concept of "Cone of Learning", doing the real thing is the
      > best way to learn - it's like knowing all the strokes of swimming then
      > apply it by jumping into the water. Simulation of the real situation is
      > the nearest to actual experience, and that is what the Cashflow game
      > offers.
      > Most people wants to be rich but they don't want to do what Rich people
      > do, ironic isn't it? Stocks, Mutual funds, Preferred Stocks, Real
      > Estate, Business Start-ups etc. maybe you've heard of them but you
      > haven't experienced doing the real thing. This is a great time for you
      > to be exposed to the Investment of the Rich. Have you ever wondered how
      > Rich and Wealthy earn thru these investments whether the market is up or
      > down? See for yourself by playing the game.
      > There's nothing wrong with your current job, ofcourse you need to earn
      > to support yourself and your family but, you have to realize that there
      > are other ways to earn. If you try to look at cars, some were slow and
      > some were designed to travel faster. Same with finances, some investment
      > vehicles can bring you to your first million in a year, some in 3 to 5
      > years. You need to be financially educated to identify what investment
      > vehicles can bring you faster to your dreams. Now I encourage you invest
      > your time for financial education to know these things.
      > Most people have this very common formula, EARN - SPEND -SAVE or work
      > hard to earn and work harder if you want to earn more. This game will
      > teach you that instead of you working hard for the money, the money is
      > the one working hard for you. Let me ask you, do you like the idea that
      > you're sleeping or travelling to the places you want but you're still
      > earning? If yes, maybe you need to change your path starting today and
      > do the things that can lead you to your Financial and Time freedom. I've
      > learned that,
      > "Financial freedom is ability to live the lifestyle you desire without
      > having to work, or rely on anyone else for money." - T. Harv Eker
      > Some people doesn't want to borrow money from the bank, because for them
      > it's an headache. Some people prefer to save, save, and save so that
      > they have spare money for emergency situations. Some people doesn't want
      > to invest because it's too risky. Well, in the world of business and
      > investments believe what you believe but in the end what really matters
      > is your result. Whatever is your strategy right now with your money, try
      > to apply it on the Cashflow game - if it makes you "Rich", well then
      > you're already on the right path but if not, maybe you need to be humble
      > enough to recognized your mistakes, then grow, and succeed next time.
      > "Academic qualifications are important and so is financial education.
      > They're both important and schools are forgetting one of them." - Robert
      > Kiyosaki
      > Five reasons of playing the Cashflow game was written by one of Create
      > Abundance Business Community's business coaches
      > Cashflow101 Game Overview:
      > http://cashflow.vo.llnwd.net/o16/cashflow3.swf
      > <http://cashflow.vo.llnwd.net/o16/cashflow3.swf>
      > June 5, 12, 19, (Saturdays)
      > Spicy Fingers, Greenbelt
      > June 27 (Sunday)
      > Asian Institute of Management, Paseo De Roxas
      > Fee: Php400.00 inclusive of Lunch. Contact me for discounts
      > To Register, send me the ff information:
      > Full Name:
      > Mobile No:
      > Age:
      > Occupation
      > If you have any questions, feel free to contact Joms Abayon at
      > 09154142208, log in to our website http://www.ca2020.net
      > <http://www.ca2020.net/> or email me
      > @jomsabayon@...
      > For Your Abundance,
      > Joms Abayon
      > Financial Literacy Advocate
      > http://www.ca2020.net <http://www.ca2020.net/>
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