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11614an atheist Good Friday

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  • Butch
    Apr 2, 2010
      Being the sole atheist in our household, I am surrounded by practicing Catholics who are presently celebrating Good Friday with somber good grace.
      I have decided to join them, somberly, to mourn the millions of humans who in our history have been crucified, impaled, pilloried, burned at the stake, stoned, dismembered, disembowelled, or otherwise tortured and killed in one of the many ways that only humans have had the ingenuity to devise.
      It is sad to reflect that the large majority of these were murdered in the name of some god or other.
      And as the Catholics around me look forward with hope to Easter, so do I look forward to the day that mankind will finally awaken from the nightmare of religion.
      A sad and somber Good Friday to one and all.