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  • Rev. Aaron
    Dec 5, 2009
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      Boy Scouts of America is no longer promoted by Eau Claire Public Schools. They stopped allowing recruiters into public schools, passing out information, and promoting the event because I said, due to the "equal access" laws, that I would like to bring an Atheist organization into the grade schools and recruit kids. (Boy Scouts are a discriminatory organization that does not allow atheists or homosexuals.) They had to make a quick decision that was legal and fair to all outside organizations. http://www.weau.com/home/headlines/64454422.html?storySection=story

      Students of Publicly funded CVTC pass out Bibles in school, but CVTC told me that they'd kick me out if I posted anything about Atheism again in an "introduce yourself" class blog. I posted only once. I was an honor student, soon to graduate, and a veteran. I had no previous disciplinary actions. No apologies were given. No student who posted bible quotes or links has been reprimanded.

      Holiday Reminder: Church of Atheism invites you to erect a "Tree of Knowledge" this Holiday Season! Find out more about the Freethinking holiday symbol in this interview with the founder: Tree of Knowledge Video

      Discussion Topic for next Church meeting: Where's the proof for a mono-theistic wish-granting Christian deity?

      Atheist Holy Water:
      Perfect for the Holiday Season's spirit of giving!

      The Church of Atheism GUARANTEES that our Holy Water matches or exceeds Catholic Holy Water at stopping Vampires cold, curing sickness, raising the dead, stinging Satan, or melting witches!

      Each vial of Holy Water is blessed by clergy and by your good deed of purchase. All proceeds go directly to the purchase of food for Eau Claire, WI's Community Table.

      Have a nice day!
      -Rev. Aaron

      Church of Atheism
      206 Vine St.
      Eau Claire, WI 54703

      (706) 593-2686

      Church Website: http://churchofatheism.webs.com
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