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432pine needle basketry

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  • Kaye Burlason
    Jul 31, 2013
      Hello Annie and Vera,
      It has been so long since I have heard from this group that I had forgotten I belonged.  I am 79 years old and have been making pine needle baskets and gourds for 30 years.  I enjoy the relaxation  of creating something new.  I learned from Jeannie McFarland's two books plus classes at Lake Sumter College and later classes with Mary Behrman in Deland FL..  I just got an email from Jeannie this month after I sent her some photos of some pine needle lamps that I had made.
      I made a yoyo bedspread for a doll bed when I was around 10 years old.  My Grandmother made them for real life sized beds.  We used the discarded ribbons from the grave yard dump after we washed and ironed each one.  The ribbon was just the right width to fold into a square.
      We hand sewed white ribbons in long strips for the backing.  These ribbons were satin.  I entered mine in a Toy Crafter's contest and won a one year all tuition paid to Peabody College in Nashville Tennessee.  I always planned to go back to Nashville and take that year on my 90th birthday.  Eleven years to go.  Do you think they would honor my paperwork after 80 years?
      I do not know how to send a photo on this group but if you Google Kaye Burlason it might bring up some of my work.
      Join  "  The Pine Needle Group".  It is a little slow there right now but we have many more people there that can and will gladly help you if you have questions.  I also belong to" The Art of  Coiling with Pine Needles, gourds  & natural materials"    Barbara West gives free classes on this sight.  It is almost nothing there right now but if you join you will see our baskets that we did last winter.  Barbara may start another class this fall.  We still contact each other during the summer and show some of the things we are working on now.
      The Pine Needle Granny,
      Kaye Burlason in Altoona Florida
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