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427Re: [pineneedlebasketgroup] introduction

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  • vera ruiz
    Jul 30, 2013
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    Morning Annie,
    I'm using a copy of a book that an elderly lady
    printed out for me umpteen years ago, but it's
    still good.
    Name is "Pine Needle Raffia Basketry"
    by Jeannie McFarland.
     Am uploading and attaching photos of two basket that I started
    on and finished one.
     Hubby picked up a bale of pinestraw yesterday
    but it's all mess up.
     I'll have to go pick up some straw up the street
    by hand. at least It'll be fresh.
     I see you dabble in a whole lot of crafts.
    Before my hands got bad I crochedet and knitted,
    did oil painting , Basket weaving using the peelings
    from stripping the outside of a tree. forgot what it's
     Flower arranging and a lot of other stuff.
    Right now I'm into making yo yo's for a throw.
    I won $25 a few years back for a square that I made
    for the childrens hospital quilt.
     Walmart was offering the quilt but needed squares.
      Yoyo's were made from scraps in the pioneer days
    because material was hard to find and they had to
    use every scrap they had.
    From: Annie Galloway
    To: "pineneedlebasketgroup@yahoogroups.com"
    Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013 2:50 PM
    Subject: RE: [pineneedlebasketgroup] introduction

    Hi Vera,

    I'm 62...or I have celebrated my 31st birthday twice now...lol.  I grew up in Alabama and know what you mean about pine trees everywhere!  

    What book are you using?   I would love to see a picture of your baskets.

    I love all crafts and tend to get sidetracked onto other projects.  I spin, weave, quilt, bead, make dolls, tat, knit, crochet...you name it and I want to at least try it.  Emoji  I especially love old crafts and the history behind them.


    Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013 03:52:15 -0700
    From: missypoo43@...
    Subject: Re: [pineneedlebasketgroup] introduction
    To: pineneedlebasketgroup@yahoogroups.com

    Hi Annie, nice to meet you.
     May I ask how old you are?
    I figured that Virginia would have lots of long leafs, but
    I guess it's more of a deep south tree, although we have
    lots of short leaf pines also.... just don't  harvest them.
      We pull the seedlings up  when the grow in our yards here
    because of the mesquitos that live in them. They are
    well know for ticks also, plus they attract lightning.
     You don't even have to plant a pine in the yard
    for them to grow, I'm forever pulling them out
    of my plants and flowers.
     I was looking at my book last night and it says that
    the long leaf is much easier to work with.
     Yea, we need to go slow and steady that's for sure.
    Especially with my boney hands , lol
      I'll send in a photo of my one finished basket that
    I made years ago pretty soon.
     I started an oval one back then also.
     We have nothing but pine trees here ( well it seems like
    it anyway)
    They are cut every 10 yrs and in between those years,
    the needles are harvested and shipped off to N.Y and
    other locals for big money.
     They make more money on the needles than the tree itself.
      The tree is cut for making pine wood furniture etc.
     Each time they are cut, more are planted.
     The government gives the seedlings away, so anyone
    can plant.
     They are planted in the middle of winter, mostly in
    January when it's the coldest.
      Have you ever heard of "fat lighter knots"?
     Its when a pine tree dies in winter while the
    sap is down in the root.
     It's shines like gold.
     We use it to start fires with . Just pluck a long
    sliver of it and lite the end. It burns forever.
      In fact. in the colonial days they use the knot
    itself for candles.
     My dad use to dig them up to use in our fireplace.
     Well my coffee cup is empty, so gotta fill it up again.
    I get up early, like 5:30 or 6 at the latest , so the coffee
    (lite) helps a lot, lol
    I tend to go on forever anyway, so it's time to go before
    I get kicked out of the group lol.
    Thanks for answering my letter,,, as you can see, I like
    to talk.
      See ya

    From: Annie Galloway
    To: "pineneedlebasketgroup@yahoogroups.com"
    Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2013 9:55 PM
    Subject: RE: [pineneedlebasketgroup] introduction

    Welcome Vera,

    The group is pretty quiet and I, for one, would love to see more posts and pictures of what everyone is doing.  

    I'm a novice....started doing a pine needle basket.  I'm in Virginia and the pine needles here are not as long as the Southern pines.  My hands hurt too.   Maybe we need to encourage each other   and learn to work on the basket for a few minutes and then do something else to rest our hands and then go back to work on the basket.


    Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 06:37:24 -0700
    From: missypoo43@...
    Subject: [pineneedlebasketgroup] introduction
    To: pineneedlebasketgroup@yahoogroups.com

    Hello everyone. My name is Vera and I just joined this
     I'm 70 yrs old and married 54 yrs .
    I live in N.C. where we have lots of long leaf pine needles.
      I started making my first basket 15 yrs ago and somehow never
    progressed any future from a little basket.
       I've been wanting to get back into making baskets , but with
    my hands full of arthritis , it's been difficult.
      But now I'm ready to start again. I would love to make a few
    to display on the wall.
     I still have my needles, book and bought some raffia recently in
    hopes of getting started again.
       Stumbled across this group at the right time I guess.

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