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GREEN PARTY mini-DIGEST: January 29, 2012

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  • Claudia Ellquist
    www.pimagreens.org PO Box 6014 Tucson 85703 (donations to the party are always needed!) 798-6169 . Tuesday Feb 7, 7:15pm, location TBD ... In this issue:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2012
      www.pimagreens.org    PO Box 6014 Tucson 85703  (donations to the party are always needed!)  798-6169 .  Tuesday Feb 7, 7:15pm, location TBD

      In this issue:
      GP-US Presidential candidates, voting starts Feb 2
      Candidates needed-- timetable shortened
      Poll about need for "Third Party"

      GP-US Presidential candidates, voting starts Feb 2
      The presidential primary date is Feb 28, but early ballots, for those signed up to receive them, will be mailed February 2.   In anticipation of states where there are ridiculous statutes [like Arizona, but that's redundant], the GP-US has set criteria for who qualifies as a serious candidate.  Only two candidates who will appear on the Arizona ballot qualify: Kent Mesplay of California, and Dr Jill Stein, MD, of Wisconsin.   We urge you to support your preferred candidate both with your votes, and with donations that can be matched if the candidates also meet FEC minimums before the primary.  You can find Jill Stein at (http://www.jillstein.org/. ) and Kent Mesplay at (http://www.mesplay.org)
      The winner, among qualified candidates, will receive votes apportioned by vote totals, at the 2012 GP-US convention in Baltimore, from July 12-15. Convention web site: http://www.gpconvention2012.com

      Candidates Needed: Timetable shortened
      The timetable for candidates to run for state or federal office in Arizona remains the same-- file in May -- with one exception.  The seat vacated by Rep Gabriel Giffords will be contended for in a special election, with the winner serving for approx six months, unless they also run for and win in the general election.  If you have always wanted to run for Congress, but been phobic about LTCs [long term commitments], here's your chance!  But papers must be filed by 5pm on February 27, so you have only a month to decide, talk to us about what is involved, and get things lined up. 
      Seriously, a Green voice should be heard.  This election, to fill the seat through 2012, will take place in old Congressional District 8, and the race for the seat for 2013-14 will be in a new CD, with new boundaries, so it is pretty confusing.  The primary date for this election is April 17 and the special election will be June 12.  The term will begin as soon as the election is certified, and last til a new Congress is seated, next January.
      Poll about need for Third Party

      ABC News/Washington Post Poll. Jan. 12-15, 2012.   Margin of error ± 3.5.


      "Some people say the country needs a third political party, in addition to the

      Democratic and Republican parties, others say it's unnecessary. 

      Do you think this country needs a third party or not?"

      Needs a
      third party

      Does not









      "Say an independent, third-party candidate with whom you agree on most issues

      entered the 2012 race for president.  Would you definitely vote for that candidate,

      consider it, or would you definitely not vote for an independent, third-party

      candidate for president?"


      vote for

      voting for

      not vote for










                                         ----------------------  GPD editor:  claudia ellquist
      It is wonderful to have this one part of your life that can be perfectly consistent.  Put your voter registration where your principals are.  Register Green.  Stay Green.  Volunteer Green.  Vote Green.  Be Green.  Run Green.
      Ten Key Values of the Green Party of the United States:  ecological wisdom * social justice * grassroots democracy * nonviolence *decentralization * community-based economics * feminism * respect for diversity * personal and global responsibility * future focus/ sustainability

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