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  • LauraM
    CHILDREN S GARDEN PLAYHOUSE! We are still gathering on Monday July 2nd at 6:30 pm with those interested in building the Children s Garden shed. Response so
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2012

      We are still gathering on Monday July 2nd at 6:30 pm with those interested in building the Children's Garden shed. Response so far has been light. Only 3 parents and 3 children ages 9 and under have indicated they will be at this gathering. We need more worker bees. This should be a fun project and it will certainly become a new landmark for Picardo, the Children's Garden, and the community.

      Here are the categories of worker bees needed (see how to respond below):

      Shed site preparers Before we can begin construction, we will need several people to level the soil at the shed site, to help dig shallow trenches, and to place crushed rock for the shed to sit on. So, if any of you can help out with this extremely important site preparation, let us know. We would like to begin site preparation this week and be finished by July 10th.
      Shed building crew If you would like to help in construction and can gather with on Monday at 6:30, please respond. If you are interested helping on the construction but cannot make it Monday at 6:30, please respond with that information. We want to start construction the week of July 9th, but site prep has to be completed first (see #1).
      Shed helpers & support If you are not sure about your construction abilities, don't worry. We can coach as we go along. This is only a shed, not a big barn, and it should be a fun project. We will also need some support people during work parties. Materials will need to be moved around. Ends of boards will need to be supported while someone else cuts the other end. Small children will need some attention - maybe with some special projects. If you are willing to learn a bit about construction or being a support person - please let us know.
      Perhaps it will help to take a look at the building plans we have purchased. See http://diygardenplans.com/10x10-gambrel-shed-plans-loft/ On each page of this site there is an index. You can click on the various pages to see more details. Note that you don't see many measurements or directions. These only come by purchasing the plan. I did so and we received a nice set of plans complete with lists of materials. We will use this list to price all the materials and try to acquire some reclaimed materials like windows, lumber, and hardware to keep costs down. If you have some materials you think we might be able to use let us know.

      Sue and I have discussed the above shed design with Sara Egbert and Jessi Bloom and we are all pleased with how the basic structure already fits or can be modified to every one of the features that children and parents indicated they want. And, we have some other ideas that you will love as well.

      Response information: Please respond if you can help in any of the 3 areas listed above. We need more worker bees.

      Please respond with this information:

      The names of anyone at your e-mail address wanting to be on the construction crew or any of the other necessary tasks listed
      The way/s you could help (as in #s 1-3 above)
      The ages of any children named in you response
      Your preferred e-mail address/s
      Your preferred phone number/s
      John & Sue Olson


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