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535Picardo Farm ~ Welcome to 2014 Season!!

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  • lmatterhorn
    Mar 29, 2014
      Hi Folks,

      Welcome to the Picardo Farm 2014 season. Thanks to those who made it out to the Gardener Gathering on Saturday, March 29th. You heard a lot about all the ways we run the garden and how to get volunteer hours in and where to find information. We know that amount of info cannot be retained after a two plus hour meeting so please make use of our social media and websites and email list to stay informed. 

      Here are some handy web addresses for you:

      Calendar, Volunteer Hour sign in, Handbook download, Site Council Meeting Minutes, List of leads for the garden, info about our history, special stories about individual gardeners, Posts about current events in the garden, horticultural info and links to helpful sites. Managed site; public and not for posting discussions. 

      Current news and events, photos, announcements. Share stories and photos. Managed with a handful of different admins. Anything you post we can pull to the main newsfeed. 

      Yahoo Discussion Group: You are here now. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/picardo
      Calendar, Discussion message board, horticultural information, photo albums (please share), links to helpful sites, Picardo info, Site Council Meeting Minutes.

      Picardo Farm Email List-Serve: Picardofarm@... 
      Main form of info for the garden. You can opt out but we will automatically add you to the list when you join the garden. Use above email address to communicate garden wide. Limit your conversations to garden related business for the most part. Expect an email or two a month from site leaders during the gardening season. Plus whatever emails gardeners send. 

      Stay in touch!!

      Laura Matter