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394Re: possible post for Picardo Yahoo Group

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  • LauraM
    Apr 23, 2013
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      Folks of Picardo!

      FYI When you post to the Yahoo site they are automatically posted online and go out to those who receive email updates from Yahoo. Since I approve members in the first place, the only posting happening is from members of the list and is not moderated. So anyone can feel free to post things without asking for permission as long as it is relevant to Picardo gardeners.

      There is also a calendar that anyone can add events to on the Yahoo sites. The bee classes would be a good example of that.

      If you want events added to the Google web site calendar let me know that in an email to me, lmatter@..., and I will add them.


      --- In picardo@yahoogroups.com, Milton Tam <MiltonTam@...> wrote:
      > Sure. Go ahead and post it. No problem.
      > Milton
      > Kim Thomas <kthms@...> wrote:
      > >Hello!
      > >If possible/appropriate, I thought we/I/you could post these items:
      > >
      > >1) From Puget Sound Beekeepers Association: April 23rd â€" Paul BryantWSU Master Gardener and beekeeper Paul Bryant will discuss pollinator-friendly plants and how to design your garden to attract honey bees, bumble bees and more! To learn more: http://www.pugetsoundbees.org/about/meetings/
      > >2) Also, two links to pollinator-friendly plants:http://www.pollinatorpathway.com/create/plantshttp://urbanbeeprojectseattle.com/pollinatorplantlist/
      > >Thanks!Kim Thomaspicardo p-patcher
      > >
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