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T21 new live release with rarities

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    Anyone seen this? ... Hi, For the celebration of TRISOMIE 21 s 25th anniversary we present you the live album Rendez-vous en France which was recorded during
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2007
      Anyone seen this?

      For the celebration of TRISOMIE 21's 25th anniversary we present you the live album "Rendez-vous en France" which was recorded during the band's last tour and which can be seen as a 'best of' release of TRISOMIE 21. We present you this release as a CD, 2CD and as a 2CD super fan box. The limited edition bonus disc gathers amongst others 13 exclusive unreleased tracks and demo's. Full details are available below !

      In more news, all formats of the the 32Crash release "Weird news from an uncertain future" are now in stock !

      TRISOMIE 21 - "Rendez-vous en France" CD
      TRISOMIE 21 - "25 anniversary - limited" 2CD/2CD super fan boxset
      TRISOMIE 21 - "25 anniversary" T-shirt
      The stellar tracklist of this special TRISOMIE 21 anniversary release speaks for itself ('The last song', 'Red or green', 'Il se noie', 'La fete triste', 'Waiting for', 'Midnight of my life', etc.)... This release responds to the fans' pressing demand to get the good old hits re-released since T21's back-catalogue has been nearly impossible to find in record stores for many years.

      But the French brothers have much more to offer to their faithful fanbase by adding a bonus disc in the "25 years" limited carton box edition of the album which gathers a unique and splendid collection of 13 exclusive unreleased tracks and demo's; pure vintage material dating back from TRISOMIE 21's early days (between 1978 and 1981!!)... The limited edition also includes 7 additional bonus live tracks recorded in Lille (France) including the rare favourites 'Jakarta' and 'Breaking Down'. This limited edition also contains a button and postcard.

      A super limited large (25 cm x 33 cm) box 'fan edition' is also available with the limited album as well. This special feature package includes a 'This is not the last song' T-shirt (white on black, both sides) and some bonus goodies including special "25 years" postcards, buttons, etc. The size of the T-shirt inside the box can be chosen until stock exhaustion: M, L, XL.

      We also added the 2CD version in a special discount packet with some compilations, so be sure checking them out.

      TRISOMIE 21 - "Rendez-vous en France" CD
      TRISOMIE 21 - "25 anniversary - limited" 2CD
      TRISOMIE 21 - "25 anniversary - limited" 2CD super fan boxset
      TRISOMIE 21 - "25 anniversary - limited" 2CD + compilation of choice
      TRISOMIE 21 - "25 anniversary" T-shirt

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