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  • Laurent
    ... store ... Try on DISCO MANIA (near metro Anneesens), or others Bld A.Max (don t remember the name). In the center of Brussels you will find a lot of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 1999
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      >>>Another store is BOY records in a side street of Zeil street. A small
      >>>with a good selection of records and cds.
      >>Sorry but the Boy chain has gone years ago..... :-(
      >>It was really brilliant.
      > Maybe it was a different store, but after I left WOM the other day went
      >walking down Zeil Street looking for other places, but it was after closing
      >time, so I was just window shopping. I did see a store called Boy though,
      >it was about one street off of Zeil, but didnt get close enough to see what
      >was inside.
      > Next I am going back to Brussels for a few days before going back to the
      >states. Anyone have recommendations for store there.

      Try on DISCO MANIA (near metro Anneesens), or others Bld A.Max (don't
      remember the name). In the center of Brussels you will find a lot of shops.

      There is also Arlequin (near Plattesteen, near Manneken Pis - rue du Chêne,
      Arlequin has 3 shops in the city, the other is Porte de Namur).

      If you want to meet for a drink, I'm working in Brussels, near Porte de Hal.
      Phone office: 02.539.23.19 or try my handy: 0496.85.46.86!!!

      Try on Music Mania (near Bourse, up to Central Station)

      I may show you the shops, my boss is in holydays...

      > It is horrible to be this close and probably not be able to make it to
      >EuroRock, just have so many obligations to friends and family while I am
      >over here.

      Think about all the people in Belgium who would like to come to Eurorock but
      can't!!! Dour Festival is bigger and better, come on next year!!!

      Dour Festival hosted The Residents this year, wowwow, ... Legendary Pink
      Dots, rewowowwowowowwowwow and many many more 200 bands/80.000 entrances.

      >I am very sad to declare our planned trip to Eurorock and Zillo-Open-Air
      >an official fiasco. We can't get hold of a bloody car! The friends I know
      >who have cars will be using them during that time, and renting one would
      >be *far* too expensive. Our respective economies aren't in excellent
      >health right now, so it all depended on us being able to borrow a car from
      >someone. :-< Right now, my heart is so heavy I have to sniff helium not to
      >put my feet through the floor when I'm walking... To top it off, I had to
      >cut the Tivoli festival in Helsingborg as well, for reasons of
      >transportation: the chartered bus trip from Stockholm was cancelled - too
      >few passengers - and all other buses and trains I could possibly take are
      >so impractical they're nearly impossible. So there's no Welle:Erdball or
      >Gary Numan or And One or Creatures or any of those bands for me this
      >summer. <sob>
      >Certainly, all may not be lost yet: there is still a very small chance
      >that we might find a car to use, but it's a less than 5% chance. So, I'm
      >very sorry that it almost certainly won't happen, but that's life,
      >circumstances beyond our control, etc. On the other hand, now I have two
      >weeks extra of spare time...
      >BTW, a non-PIAS/Antler-related thing: I've managed to trace the Liaisons
      >Dangereuses vocalist Krishna Goineau - or rather, his bandmate from
      >the later project Velodrome, Jordi Guber. Krishna himself has neither
      >phone, fax nor email, but he's visiting Jordi in Barcelona in two or three
      >weeks; Jordi has promised to contact me then. If you have any questions
      >regarding Liaisons Dangereuses, you can send them to me and I'll forward
      >them - if Krishna feels like answering, of course... (I also managed=20
      >to localise Chrislo Haas' current label - anyone know what happened to
      >Beate Bartel?)

      So you won't come to Eurorock, never mind for Creatures I saw Sioux in Dour,
      she's fat! It's definitely not her on the album cover artwork, or perhaps
      1.000.000 years ago. Gitane Demone (in Dour Festival) made "Summertimes" A
      Cappela, wowowowowwwwowww, Gitane is surely not the same size than this
      british punk.

      >> hey all,
      >> today was my last day at work.
      >> hope to see some of you on the eurorockfestival.
      >I=B4ll be there, with 3 friends.
      >Just heard Velvet Acid Christ canceled their tour, is Sonar relacing =
      >them? Just a rumour...
      >> my pic is on the Poesie Noire website..
      >I guess I have to check it out.
      >> i know that there are gonna be lots of people..but you never know if =
      >u> ran into me..
      >I=B4ll be in front for Pitchfork, APB,Covenant,VNV Nation...
      >Hell, most of the bands but not those metal bands. then I=B4ll be =
      >drinking : ) =20
      >BTW, what=B4s the drinking situation at this festival? Beer only I =
      >guess. Can I openly drink my own whisky? I=B4ll also record some bands =
      >on minidisc, for my own enjoyment only. How tight belgians are on this?

      Belgian are shits on it, Dour is anarchistic event, I think Eurorock
      (Yuwowok) is strict with all that.
      For your whisky take care, if you come with a bottle of Johnny put it in
      something in plastic (and perhaps they will ask you to leave it outside).
      Recordings, take care too, if you've no press pass or whatever ...

      I'm not in the organisation but I know that lots of the festival happening
      in the dutch speaking part are strict, which is quite different in the
      french one, perhaps due to our latin history.

      >> come and say hi then...especially the blond swedish girls looking =
      >like> Annelie..*lol*...
      >I=B4m sorry to dissapoint you but I=B4m male, and not even blond . Good =
      >luck though ; )
      >Anyone else coming?
      >> >Welle Erdball:my third time,they played a good show,nice strong> =
      >>funelectro,the 50 people who were there amused themselves.
      >I wish I had been there, I only recently discovered W:E and I just love =
      >> >Dance Or Die:2nd time..and again a very good show.."Dance Or> =
      >>Die","psychoburbia","Time Zero","fire"(wagner and heiko jumped in the
      >> >audience and danced with us..)...all classics...orgasm=20
      >Another fave of mine, the new CD is just absolutely great,
      >haven=B4t seen them live in years...
      >> Nice to know they're back... and good. They played so much in =
      >scandinavia a few years ago so
      >> everybody got bored
      >Excuse me, I didn=B4t get bored... only saw them once at XRay in =
      >Stockholm. They=B4ve played few times in Sweden, but of course never in =
      >> >note:there were lots of older EBMstuff for sale..(a guy from> =
      >>Germany,who will also be at the Eurockfestival)...like A Split> =
      >>Second,Vomito Eurorockfest..bring some money with> >you...:)
      >Sure, or, does he take credit cards?
      >> >
      Can't answer, visit the site! Try to reach them by mail.

      Don't know if we will meet, keep in touch, Laurent

      BTW, I'm the one who book the bands for Dour Festival (Gothic & Industrial
      Stage, I booked nearly everything, except Sioux and Oomph).

      Here are some small news about parties in the french speaking side.

      >Nobody nobody ...
      >On 14 AUGUST - DJ GAETAN will spin some early WAVE traxxxxx at LA FORGE
      >(Lessines stwg 373 Chée de Lessines - RP57) 7060 HORRUES (SOIGNIES)
      >Ssssouuundzz like a PIAS party!!!! (could be a song of ALPHAVILLE)
      >Back again at LA FORGE, THE DAWN VISITORS are organising a
      >Goth-EBM-Indus-Dark Folk party (THE DARK NIGHT OF THE BLACKSMITH) - 3
      >SEPTEMBER - DJ GORE (a sm) - 9.30 pm.
      >You've got the address now!!!!
      >Hope to see you right there ...
      >Cheeerz, Laurent
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