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  • I’ll throw out an apposing view. The cost of billing related to the extent of available, ( ie free) , resources . Assuming that available software packages are used: In my experience the variable costs of billing, (supplies, postage, software), average ~ 0.7%. If the start up therapist, (or her/his receptionist, or perhaps a spouse), has enough free time to spend 15-30 minutes...
    Dan Alloway Jun 9, 2004
  • Greetings, My name is Dan Alloway. I am a new member to your group. I work for Systems4PT - a computer operating software system developed by PT's, for PT's. The system covers patient registration, through documentation to zero ballance billing. {please visit us at Systems4PT.com} We are in the process of recruiting therapists, trainers and aides to sell and install our system into...
    s4ptdan Mar 17, 2004