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The Right Medicine for Information Security Training

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  • Ben Weinstock
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Ben Weinstock PT, CISSP President, Infosecweekend.com Tel: (718) 373-6618 Fax: (718) 373-9004 info@infosecweekend.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2002


      Ben Weinstock PT, CISSP

      President, Infosecweekend.com

      Tel: (718) 373-6618

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      Brooklyn, New York, April 22, 2002---With the demand for qualified
      information security experts far outnumbering the supply, the designation of
      CISSP® ---Certified Information Systems Security Professional---is a hot
      commodity. This elite certification is internationally recognized as the
      hallmark of a qualified information security pro.

      It has been estimated that there will be a need for over 100,000 qualified
      information security professionals within the next few years, but at present
      there are fewer than 10,000 who have achieved the status of CISSP®.
      Moreover, passing the certification exam is often looked upon as an ordeal,
      with many weeks, and sometimes months, of intensive study.

      Fortunately, an innovative method for mastering the exam has been developed

      Ben Weinstock, PT, CISSP. By applying his Infosec Training Immersion SystemT
      to the curriculum of the CISSP® exam-called the "Common Body of Knowledge,"
      or CBK---learning is accelerated. "My two-day course provides a turnkey
      solution. This is not an 'exam cram,' as the complete CBK is easily covered
      in a relaxed, organized manner. Proficiency is facilitated through valuable
      test taking strategies and proven active learning methods," reports

      Recent attendees have nothing but high praise. According to Professor
      Stephen Tucker of Baruch College, a PhD candidate specializing in computer
      security, the course "exceeded my expectations and has allowed me to
      streamline my studying with a clear overall view." These sentiments were
      echoed by prominent New York City attorney Douglass Seidman. "Weinstock has
      a gift for demystifying the complex and has saved me an immense amount of
      time that I would have needed to prepare. This course provides all of the
      tools necessary to easily pass the exam."

      The success of the Infosec Training Immersion SystemT stems from Weinstock's
      unique background: in addition to being a CISSP, he is a licensed physical
      therapist. According to Weinstock, "By applying the basic model of
      understanding health, diseases, and therapeutic treatments to the field of
      information security, all of the elements of the CBK logically fall into
      place. Being an information security professional is more than simply
      remembering hundreds of definitions, passing an exam, or accumulating
      certifications. The key to success is in learning the normal and abnormal
      states of information security, and in applying the proper countermeasures.
      I teach attendees how to think like security diagnosticians."

      Weinstock has upcoming courses in New York City and in Washington, D.C.
      Arrangements can also be made to have the course brought onsite to a
      corporate, governmental, or educational facility. Visit the company's
      Website at www.infosecweekend.com for course dates and registration
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