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  • Wayne and Charlene Anderson
    ... I thought that you might appreciate the opportunity to receive Franklin Covey s weekly Motivational Quotes. Charlene
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2001
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      For those of us, who strive for more,
      I thought that you might appreciate the opportunity to receive Franklin Covey's weekly Motivational Quotes.
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      Subject: Weekly Motivational Quotes

      FranklinCovey is excited to launch the new graphical version of our "Weekly Motivational Quotes." If you are not currently receiving the weekly quotes and would like to please CLICK HERE.

      Submit your email address --> check the "Motivational Quotes" box --> click "Send HTML" button --> click the "Save My Choice".

      planning tip of the week
      Gone in 30 seconds! When was that meeting? Just where did I put that? Sound familiar? Your brain overheats sometimes. You spin your wheels wasting time and energy trying to recall stuff, hitting dead ends along the way. Stop! Steal more time for what really matters. Take this detour to effectively capturing information. It'll be gone in 30 seconds. Out of sight, out of mind. Proceed with caution:
      • Capture information in a consistent place. Whether you use a calendar, planner or PDA, do it the same way each time.

      • Take your planning device with you everywhere. 'Nuf said?

      • Distinguish between time specific and time flexible. Appointments have a month, day and time. Record them in their respective time slot. Since associated tasks are time flexible, put them in your "To Do" list or "Prioritized Daily Task List." Check them off when completed. Enjoy your ride to increased peace of mind.
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