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Fw: virus alert

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  • Wayne and Charlene Anderson
    I am sure that you have heard about the virus by now. Below here is more interesting info about it that is new to me. Charlene
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2001
      I am sure that you have heard about the virus by now.  Below here is more interesting info about it that is new to me.
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      >NakedWife worm
      deletes basic Windows files
      >Alias JibJab, this e-mail worm can prevent
      you from opening applications.
      >By Robert Vamosi, Help &
      >March 6, 2001
      >NakedWife is a new VBS worm that is
      spreading rapidly via e-mail.
      >NakedWife (alias JibJab) also deletes
      important files from your Windows
      >and System folders. Antivirus software
      vendors are receiving reports from
      >within the United States, but it is
      too early to assess how quickly
      >NakedWife is spreading. NakedWife
      currently ranks as a 6 on the ZDNet
      >Virus Meter.
      >How It
      >NakedWife arrives as an e-mail with the
      >Subject: FW: Naked Wife
      >Body: My wife
      never look like that :)
      >If the user clicks on the attachment, the worm will
      e-mail itself to all
      >the addresses in the Outlook Address Book. It will
      also load a "Flash"
      >window that will display the following
      >NakedWife then
      deletes files with the following extensions:
      >DLL, INI, EXE, BMP
      and COM
      >NakedWife will then display the following
      >You're now F#*#ED! © 2001 by BGK (Bill Gates
      >At present, Trend Micro, Symantec, and
      McAfee are updating their signature
      >files to detect and remove
      >Here are the key steps for
      preventing the latest outbreak:
      >Download Microsoft's
      Outlook Security Patch. If you haven't already
      >installed it, download the
      Outlook 98 Security Patch or the Outlook 2000
      >Security Patch Please note
      that this patch does not include Outlook
      >Express. Click here for help
      with installation, or for more information
      >regarding this
      >"Don't open attachments!" One way to prevent virus
      infections is not to
      >open attachments, especially when worms such as
      NakedWife are being
      >actively circulated. Even if the e-mail is from a
      known source, be
      >careful. A few viruses take the mailing lists from an
      infected computer
      >and send out new messages with its destructive payload
      attached. Always
      >scan the attached files first for viruses. Unless it's a
      file or an image
      >you are expecting, delete it.
      informed. Did you know that there are virus and security alerts
      every day? Keep up-to-date on breaking viruses and solutions by
      >bookmarking our Viruses, Bugs, Security Alerts
      >Get protected. If you don't already have virus protection
      software on your
      >machine, you should. If you're a home or individual
      user, it's as easy as
      >downloading any of these top-rated programs then
      following the
      >installation instructions. If you're on a network, check
      with your network
      >administrator first.
      >Scan your system
      regularly. If you're just loading anti-virus software for
      >the first time,
      it's a good idea to let it scan your entire system. It's
      >better to start
      with your PC clean and free of virus problems. Often the
      program can be set to scan each time the computer is rebooted
      >or on a
      periodic schedule. Some will scan in the background while you are
      >connected to the Internet. Make it a regular habit to scan for
      >Update your anti-virus software. Now that you have virus
      >software installed, make sure it's up-to-date. Some anti-virus
      >programs have a feature that will automatically link to the
      Internet and
      >add new virus detection code whenever the software vendor
      discovers a new
      >To stay up-to-date on the latest
      virus alerts and solutions, bookmark our
      >Virus Protection
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