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  • Wayne and Charlene Anderson
    Welcome Sonja, I apologize that it has taken me so long to write back. Things have been busy. Sounds like you do have a great population for Wellness. If you
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 28, 2001
      Welcome Sonja,
      I apologize that it has taken me so long to write back.  Things have been busy.  Sounds like you do have a great population for Wellness. If you are considering Wellness outside of  the Physical Therapy profession, then click my link below to see how you can promote Wellness with an Internet Franchise. 
       I have heard others discuss getting a personal trainer certificate.  It seems that we may be at a disadvantage, because we are also P.T.'s.  If an injury occured we would immediately be at risk because they could go after us as PT's and if you didn't follow your state's practice act while doing personal training, I have heard that you could be in a legal mess.
      Maybe someone has looked into this further and could offer imput as well.
      Good Luck and Welcome,
      "Having your home biz is 90% WHY and 10% HOW.
      If you have the big WHY, Let us show you HOW!"
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      Subject: [physical_therapists_in_business] Re: New Member

      Thank you, to Charlene  for starting this site!
      I previously worked in an acute care hospital, doing inpts and
      outpts, everything from ortho to neuro to burn care to pulmonary
      rehab.  It was a great way to start my career.  Then I had my first
      baby and went back to work only part-time, doing home PT, which I
      truly loved.  I really enjoy working with the geriatric population,
      and working with people in their homes felt very "real" in terms of
      helping them to adapt and recover within their own, personal
      environment.  Since then I have moved and had another baby, and am
      just now, 1 1/2 years later, ready and excited to start something
      new.  I'm thinking a lot about what I want to do, exactly, knowing
      that I want it to be 1) part-time and flexible and 2)fulfilling and
      enjoyable.  I live on a small island with a wealthy population
      (especially in the summer), so I feel my possibilities are endless in
      terms of a cashed-based practice.  However, I do want to develop
      something that I could take with me to another location if/when we
      move back to the "real" world.
      I am particularly interested at this point in moving into the
      "wellness" arena, focusing on special populations, such as pre-natal
      and post-partum fitness, post-rehab fitness and senior fitness.  I am
      considering getting a certification as a personal trainer, but am not
      sure if this is necessary or even advantageous.  I do not have a
      "space" for this, so I would need to have arrangements with a health
      club, or do it privately in people's homes.  Any thoughts on this
      from anyone?
      Again, thanks, and I'm looking forward to active involvement!
      Sonja Parker

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      > Dear Charlene,  Thanks for launching this website.  I have worked
      > a physical therapist for just over twelve years now.  My career as
      > PT has been fulfilling in many ways, but the limitaions and
      > frustrations of managed care has prompted me to start thinking
      > outside the box.  I have also become much more interested in
      > versus rehabilitation.  I know that with the aging population,
      > is a tremendous opportunity for PT's to focus on preventitive
      > programs and wellness.  I am also interested in starting a web-
      > business of some sort, but with no business experience per se it is
      > intimidating.  Any suggestions you may have would be welcome.
      > Sincerely,  pdf

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