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[physical_therapists_in_business] PT's and chiropractors can work in harmony for the patients benefit

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  • Joel Christopher
    Hello, I agree with David Seidner 100% that a Chiropractors strong training in manual therapy ( adjustment in Chiro lingo) perfectly complements a PT s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2000

      I agree with David Seidner 100% that a Chiropractors'
      strong training in manual therapy ('adjustment' in Chiro
      lingo) perfectly complements a PT's excellent hands-on
      skills on soft tissue mobilization and rehab/exercise.
      Chiropractors can be great allies for PT's in my experience.

      I run a busy Outpatient Orthopedic clinic and one of my
      best referral source is a highly-skilled Chiropractor.
      Having been through the regimented and challenging
      Manual Therapy Certification 8 years ago with Dr. Stanley
      Paris (Institute of PT now known as University of St.
      Augustine), and having practice Manual Therapy for 10
      years, I've seen a lot of excellent Manual Therapists.

      Dr. Joe N. (the DC who refers me patients) is one of the
      best manual practitioners I've met and his results prove it.
      He works on the patients' skeletal/joint structure and me
      and my staff work on the their soft tissue mob. and rehab/
      exercise needs. A great combo. Since we both can't
      prescribe meds for those who are in the acute stage, we
      send patients to a local MD who also refers to us. In
      some cases I've seen, like Benefit Planners, they only
      cover PT services when prescribed by an MD. So adding
      the MD factor also fits well.

      It's truly a wonderful PT-Chiro-MD synergistic model, I think.

      Re: insurance reimbursements... It's not just Medicare.
      There are some other insurance companies that will only
      cover modalities and exercise as PT treatments. So providing
      PT for the patient helps the over-all care.

      Another aspect that I found Dr.Joe is very knowledgeable
      is Nutition and Nutritional Supplements. I guess it's either
      covered more in their curriculum or perhaps he knows a lot
      about it because he's very health conscious and a avid

      If there's one thing that I know that was lacking in my
      PT education, it's the subject of Nutrition. How about you...?

      Yours in success,

      Joel Christopher Remandaban, PT, MTC
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