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  • Wayne and Charlene Anderson
    Dear Adrienne, The MOVE program, in the school that I consult in, was established over nine years ago by a couple of teachers, a parent group and a PT, who I
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 6, 2000
      Dear Adrienne,
      The MOVE program, in the school that I consult in, was established over nine
      years ago by a couple of teachers, a parent group and a PT, who I consider a
      mentor, colleague and friend. This school is now an international training
      site for the MOVE program. The very activate parent organization sponsors
      the PT consultants. I know another MOVE school that has a parent
      organization paying privately for PT consultation as well. So one thing I
      would say is educate the parents about MOVE. If any get passionate about
      it, they can be your greatest allies.
      Because it is so established here, only the teachers that have been to a
      MOVE training can have a MOVE class. Fortunately we also have 2
      international MOVE teacher trainers here as well.
      I have heard from others that teacher understanding of the value and their
      willingness to change their ciriculum can be the greatest challenge.
      Personally, safety is a great concern of mine. As a consultant I give
      program suggestions and instruct in the best use of the equipment for the
      children, then the teachers and aides carry out the program. Since I am
      not there to supervise, I have to trust that they are doing it correctly
      until I see them again. So teacher and aide inservicing on transfers,
      postitioning and medical challenges especially osteoporosis is essential. (I
      don't want to scare you. I work with a very disabled population of kids,
      that are also very fragile)
      This all having been said, I strongly believe that this program is the way
      to go for significantly challenged children who have limited cognitive
      abilities. For children who have cognitive abilities, the challenge is to
      fit the MOVE program with their academics. If there are several MOVE
      children in a class, it can be quite time challenging.
      For a matter of detail, MOVE is written in their IEP, and parents sign a
      consent and Doctors sign a piece of paper regarding precautions and
      Please ask more questions. If I don't have an answer, I will get it for

      Charlene K. Anderson,PT
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      > Charlene,
      > Wow! This is the first time I have been to the site since my last
      > post. I had a lot of catching up to do, reading all of the posts. I
      > am very interested in the MOVE program. I am just getting it started
      > in one of my schools. I would appreciate any information you could
      > provide about the program and how it is working with your students.
      > Thanks,
      > Adrienne
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