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[physical_therapists_in_business] MLM opportunities

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  • Wayne and Charlene Anderson
    Dear Donna Sue, Welcome to the group. I am glad that you have found us. I am with the network marketing division of a major corporation. We are in charge of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2000
      Dear Donna Sue,
      Welcome to the group.  I am glad that you have found us.  I am with the network marketing division of a major corporation.  We are in charge of showcasing their premier preventative health product lines.  Network marketing is a legitimate form of distribution.  My company had serveral existing methods of distribution already in place.  They created this division because  FDA regulation state that you can not put a claim on a food based product.  Our flagship product was developed at Stanford for the stabilization of blood sugars and to reduce serum cholesterol.  Since it is a fiber based product, they could not put a claim on the box.  It would cost millions to educate consumers and physicans so they chose to set up this division.    If they had distributed it through their other channels, it could easily get put next to Metamucil.  This product is more comparable to Mevacor or Lipator, prescription medications for Cholesterol.
      In regards to you concern about how money is made, the short term money is made from signing up people but the long term residual income is made from a lot of people consuming a little product each month.  I imagine that this is true with the company you referred to as well. 
      In regards to the time element, The minimum is 5-10 hours.  Our company is going to an internet model of educating and training people.  I do not attend meetings and I communicate with prospects via email and phone.  I imagine all companies will eventually go to this format.  Time efficiency when communicating is important.  I can accomplish more in a 10 minute call now than what I did in a 40 minute phone call when I got started.  Regardless of the company you chose, you will hone your skills and be able to do the same.
      If you would like to look at a Network Marketing presentation that is about the industry and not about a specific company, let me know.  I could give you the website to go to and the code word to use.  If you want more information about my company in specific and our internet marketing plan, you may email me personally.
      I hope that this has been helpful.
      Charlene K. Anderson,PT
      Mom, Home Business Director and Coach
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