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Re: [physical_therapists_in_business] Re: New Member, New Resource and a Question

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  • Susan Penner
    Thanks so much for your reply and feedback! I m going to try to market this book to practicioners as well as students, and see what reception it gets. I m
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 19, 2004
      Thanks so much for your reply and feedback!  I'm going to try to market this book to practicioners as well as students, and see what reception it gets.  I'm fortunate to have Lippincott as a publisher.   Take care!
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      Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2004 9:37 AM
      Subject: [physical_therapists_in_business] Re: New Member, New Resource and a Question

      In response to your question, I don't recall little if any regarding
      economics, finances, business plans etc.  Most likely since most "New
      Grads" were not going to enter private practice or be in a position
      which would require that type of info since we typically were
      expected to start out as "new grads."  Not to mention that very few
      of the PT's I've ran across have the interest or drive to put that
      much work into becoming a business owner.  In my experience however,
      I've been bit by the entrepraneur bug and am always looking to learn
      from anyone who is willing to teach or provide info that might be
      valuable.  The small business administrations (www.sba.gov) has
      proven to be a valuable place also.  I've been researching this
      off/on for almost two years and at some point will make the jump into
      practice for myself and my wife (who's an OTR/L).  So, thank you for
      the book info.  I'm planning on ordering a book via the APTA's
      private practice section on starting a practice also.

      Ryan S. Gephart, PT, CSCS

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      <drpenner@p...> wrote:
      > I just uploaded a file on my textbook, Introduction to Health Care
      > Economics & Financial Management: Fundamental Concepts with
      > Practical Applications, 2004, is published by Lippincott Williams &
      > Wilkins.  ISBN: 0-7817-4019-3   http://www.lww.com
      > I'd like to let health care professionals know about this book--if
      > they work within organizations or institutions, the book can be a
      > reference for budgeting, financial analysis and the preparation of
      > business plans or grant proposals.  The book is also a useful
      > reference for practitioners who consider starting a private
      > or who run their own office.
      > You can contact Dr. Penner at drpenner@p...
      > Question:  How much information do you get in PT school about
      > economics and financial management skills such as budgeting and
      > writing a business plan?  I appreciate your responses.  Thanks &
      > take care!

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