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Re: How do I start?

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    Ed- I ve been researching this for a while now and can empathise with your frustration. If you go to PTManager.com you can download a timeline for starting a
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      I've been researching this for a while now and can empathise with
      your frustration. If you go to PTManager.com you can download a
      timeline for starting a practice which is somewhat helpful. The
      magazine Advance Rehabilitation for Directors usually has one or two
      rehab business articles in them each month which does help provide
      some information also. It is free to register also. In the Advance
      for PT's/PTA's you'll find CEU type courses in the back for starting
      a private practice. One of them is at www.medicalarts4u.com (Peter
      Guske PT). I recently purchased for $35 a "Starting a Professional
      Private Practice" guide by Iris Kimberg, MS PT,OTR (in NYC). She can
      be reached at info@... She usually issues the guide
      as part of a CEU course but if you have no plans to go to NY anytime
      soon, you could just purchase the guide. Both are available for
      consultant fees.

      As far as the business end of things go, I would go to the Small
      Business Administration (www.sba.gov) and as for a Small Business
      start up kit to be sent to you (free). Within the SBA, there is a
      group called "SCORE," which is composed of retired executives who
      hold seminars ( I think about $30 ). I found this seminar to be very
      helpful. I signed up for a mentor who did call but he was more
      interested in pushing me towards starting a home health business
      which is not my schtick. Anyway, there are local SBA's all over and
      each major metro area should have a SCORE chapter nearby them as
      well. www.nolo.com is a legal website which also can provide business
      related general legal info.

      The other option would be to contact a fellow PT in private practice
      in your general area or your family physician or a local
      chiropractor. They all have to go through essentially the same

      I hope this helps, at least through the websites or people listed
      above, you should have a better idea of where to start. I'n not sure
      what to tell you regarding billing at this point as I have yet to get
      that far.

      Good luck,

      Ryan Gephart, PT, CSCS

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      > Hi all,
      > I am a rather amitious person, and would like to know if anyone can
      > point me in the right direction. I would like to start my own
      > practice, but right now, I have no idea where to even begin. What
      > kind of buisiness licenses/insurance do i need? Once that is taken
      > care of how do I start the billing side of things? Do I need to
      > some sort of accredidation for billing? Do I need my own UPIN for
      > insurances other than Medicare?
      > Thanks for any info you can provide me..
      > Ed Sporbert
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      Thanks Ryan, any info is very helpful
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        Thanks Ryan, any info is very helpful
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