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    Thrilling Opportunity For Physical Therapist || Somerville, NJ || 45-65khttp://www.nyc-search.com/jobs/pt.htm Thrilling Opportunity For Physical Therapist ||
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 2003
      Thrilling Opportunity For Physical Therapist || Somerville, NJ || 45-65k
      Thrilling Opportunity For Physical Therapist || Somerville, NJ || 45-65k

      Our medical facility here in Somerville, New Jersey has an exciting opportunity available for a top-notch Physical Therapist.  Because you are both intelligent and articulate and have what it takes to run a Physical Therapy department you will take on this thrilling responsibility with ease.  You will use your excellent communication skills and your keen attention to detail to successfully handle your own marketing endeavors.   As our new Physical Therapist you will use the above mentioned skills along with your desire to get things done in a successful and expedient manner to work closely with our Chiropractic Department and perform initial Physical Therapy evaluations and re-assessments, develop care plans and treat patients. The thrills just keep on coming as you make full use your leadership capacity to document the evaluations, progress and treatment provided by capable Physical Therapist assistants. 

      We challenge you to enjoy the reward of following patients throughout the rehabilitation process.  Ours is an atmosphere where everyday brings new challenges and new opportunities as we work together, depend on and learn from each other.  If you are interested in joining our team-oriented environment for a part-time position that converts to full-time in 60 days send your resume to info@...

      Must be authorized to work in the US.  Any resume needing sponsorship will not be considered.

      Somerville, NJ

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