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79Re: [physical_therapists_in_business] A sincere thank you

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  • brian richman
    Feb 25, 2001

        Debbie Leiter <debtraveller@...> wrote:


      Wow, it amazes me how helpful you and this web site is becoming. Thanks for the reply. It sounds like you are doing exactly what I'm trying to do. How big is your facility? I will just have a small room, possibly big enough for two treatment tables seperated by a curtain.(10X10 sq.ft)But theres a fitness trainer that has 650 sq.ft.in the gym with all of his own exercise equipment that I'll be utilizing for the ther ex. I heard that Medicare does site inspections, do you have any info on the requirements that they look for? What about the other things Medicare requires,Policies&procedures manual, etc...? How are doing with getting on insurance plans? Are you accepting HMO's and PPO's? Which ones? Did you have a lot of MD referrals or how are you getting most of your patients? So, after five months, how would you do things differently when you were at the same place I am now? Has it all been worth it so far? I know it's a lot of questions so take you time. Thanks again for all your help and look forward to your reply. Good Luck



      I am located in Miami, Florida and set up a small clinic 5 months ago inside a
      local gym.  I essentially operate as a business within a business.  The best
      thing to do is to get an individual medicare number and keep it simple
      especially since you are a small practice.  (My clinic has only one treatment
      table).  The medicare packet is not complicated, but you do need to have a few
      things in place.  One of the most important things you need is an occupational
      license.  In order to get one, you must have a certificate of occupancy.  In
      addition, it is important to know that medicare will not allow your business to
      be located out of your home.  I have been exploring possibilites and following
      all of this stuff for about 6 months now.  It is one of the reasons I started
      my clinic.  Next, there is no cap at the moment, at least in Florida.  Medicare
      does have a different fee schedule for differnet states.  I have recently
      compared Florida's fees with a friend of mine who is starting a business in
      North Carolina.  I will receive more for the same services than he will, but
      the differences are not severe.  It is also my understanding that the cap was
      repealed last year.  I believe it will be up for discussion and a vote sometime
      next year.  I am not certain, but I would contact the APTA for an amswer.  The
      had a lot to do with the lobby to get the cap repealed.  In Florida, it was
      $1500, not $900, as others have written.  I hope you find this information
      helpful.  Good luck.  Debbie Leiter, PT

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