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78Medicare caps

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  • Kerry Fitz
    Feb 24, 2001
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      To clarify, if you have an Medicare A number, the cap was $1500, which has been lifted for the next year or 2 until they can figure out what to do with it.  If you have a Med B number, you do have a cap of $900, but have an easier time with reimbursement.  They may have changed this recently, but I have not heard anything about it, and the therapists that I do know with a B numbers claim it still exists. I could be wrong, I have an A number, Ill do some more investigating...

      Out of curiosity, did you need to get your building surveyed when appling 4 and individual number, and how long did it take for you to get it??? Thanks Kerry

        Debbie Leiter <debtraveller@...> wrote:

      I am located in Miami, Florida and set up a small clinic 5 months ago inside a
      local gym.  I essentially operate as a business within a business.  The best
      thing to do is to get an individual medicare number and keep it simple
      especially since you are a small practice.  (My clinic has only one treatment
      table).  The medicare packet is not complicated, but you do need to have a few
      things in place.  One of the most important things you need is an occupational
      license.  In order to get one, you must have a certificate of occupancy.  In
      addition, it is important to know that medicare will not allow your business to
      be located out of your home.  I have been exploring possibilites and following
      all of this stuff for about 6 months now.  It is one of the reasons I started
      my clinic.  Next, there is no cap at the moment, at least in Florida.  Medicare
      does have a different fee schedule for differnet states.  I have recently
      compared Florida's fees with a friend of mine who is starting a business in
      North Carolina.  I will receive more for the same services than he will, but
      the differences are not severe.  It is also my understanding that the cap was
      repealed last year.  I believe it will be up for discussion and a vote sometime
      next year.  I am not certain, but I would contact the APTA for an amswer.  The
      had a lot to do with the lobby to get the cap repealed.  In Florida, it was
      $1500, not $900, as others have written.  I hope you find this information
      helpful.  Good luck.  Debbie Leiter, PT

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