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74Re: [physical_therapists_in_business] A sincere thank you

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  • Kerry Fitz
    Feb 21, 2001
      <P> I am curious why you would be appling for a
      medicare number for your facility, and not just an
      individual number.  To my knowledge, you can
      apply for a part B number like a physican as long as
      you have an office.  I think... and I could be
      wrong (it has happened once or twice) getting a part B
      number is far easier than getting an A (even though
      when u get an A it bills B). The other difference also
      is that part B numbers are capped at $900. 
      However, I hear and correct me if anyone knows for
      sure, you have an easier time getting reimbursed under
      <P>As far as PTPN, it is very expensive, and I dont
      recommed it to a small clinic, we investigated it, and
      there are other insurance networks far cheaper. Their
      used to be a list of them in an online artice on
      Advance, as well as an artice (also advance but in the
      mag, bout 1999) about how helpful it was to
      therapists to be in these networks.  I live in a
      small rural area, and financially it didnt make sence,
      due to most of the insurances no-one carried. 
      The bulk of our business is Medicare, however whenever
      we do get private (jackpot) we do get reimbursed, only
      a few times did it happen that they wouldnt pay
      because we werent a provider.</P>
      <P>So what you do is call and verify insurance. 
      If they dont take you then ask for an application,
      process takes 3-6 months, but it does help to have the
      medicare number.</P>
      <P>Good luck, If I can find the copy of the provider
      networks, Ill fax it to you. Kerry<BR></P>
      <P>  <B><I>brian richman
      <gymnst37@...></I></B> wrote: <BR>
      <BLOCKQUOTE style="BORDER-LEFT: #1010ff 2px solid;
      <P>I would like to thank you so much for forwarding
      my<BR>questions to so many others with experience.
      With the<BR>kind help you are providing me, I can't
      lose. Am<BR>looking forward to the responses and
      have been<BR>doing a lot of investigating myself. It
      seems<BR>that a medicare # is a requirement to
      get on<BR>PTPN, and I am trying to find the specfic
      requirements<BR>a clinic needs to meet for a #. I am
      worried because<BR>the space I will be renting is in a
      fitness facility<BR>but is only big enough for about
      two<BR>tables(10X10sq.ft.)were I plan to do my hands
      on and<BR>modality work, then use the fitness facility
      for the<BR>ther ex. My question to those that might
      know... Do<BR>clinics of this size with one practioner
      normally get<BR>accepted into Medicare? I quess the
      age old question<BR>still applies... Does size matter?
      Thanks again for<BR>you interest and
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