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4[physical_therapists_in_business] Physical Therapists are in need of a Paradigm Shift.

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  • Charlene K. Anderson
    Jan 2, 2000
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      Physical Therapists are in need of a paradigm shift. This is a general
      comment, of course, meant to describe a dilemna that is contributing to
      our present problem. We are taught in school to have a job. True, it
      could be in a variety of specialties, but none the less a job. What
      makes it worse is that the job is in only one field Physical Therapy.
      What if we started looking at our Degree as a starting point to our
      future? What if we saw our future, individually, in terms of markets
      and trends? In the past market, Physical Therapists were in demand.
      We were a profit generator. We did not need to look outside the box.
      In current markets we are an expense. We either need to change markets
      or again become a profit generator. What if, instead of looking for
      jobs, individually, we looked for markets that are expanding.
      Personally I have chosen Preventative medicine. It is an expanding
      market. Remember what that felt like? In today's healthcare system,
      who can trust curative medicine? With the Baby Boomer's getting older,
      the system has to tighten up further or go broke!
      What other markets could we as individuals tap into? And how can we
      spread the news when all our Journals seem to be stuck in the old
      paradigm? I definitely want to share what I have learned about
      Preventative medicine opportunities with others! Please comment, share
      ideas or explore opportunities!