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36[physical_therapists_in_business] Re: Industrial PT's

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  • Charlene K. Anderson
    Feb 3, 2000
      Dear Mr. Leibensberger,
      Thank you for joining the group. Can you share anything about your
      career history? Do you have your own practice? Is that a goal? Are you
      interested in business opportunities?
      It would be great to hear more from you about industrial PT.


      "a. leibensberger" <leibenswhit-@...> wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/physical_therapists_in_bu
      > Scott, The best way to get into industrial PT is to take a course for
      > advanced skills. There are quite a few listed in the Advance for PT
      > (Back School of Atlanta, Matheson, Ellexson, Isernhagen) depending
      > what you want...analysis or treatment. There are many web sites that
      > offer you much information on work injury and safety(labor and
      > for your state, OSHA, etc.)...surfing will get you more information
      > than you could ever hope for! Hope this helps get you started.
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