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242Femur injury, PT how to choose one?!

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  • windwarriornj
    Jul 20, 2004

      There are dozens of PT's and Pt groups in the immediate area. How is
      a client (me) supposed to figure out if any of the PT's are better
      suited to help evaluate our injury than any other? It is a
      meaningful business question.

      Calling them, all say the same blathering GARBAGE "... of course we
      can help evaluate that...." but none of them mention any type of
      specialty or method they would use to treat same...

      The injury appears to be weakness and scar tissue buildup.. that's
      inhibiting usage and my range of motion, to a meaningful degree. The
      Surgeon's script reads simply evaluate & strengthen.. in short
      appears simple, very boring stuff.

      I had a dual femur fracture which was repaired with a rod & two pins
      nearly two years ago very high up... now it hurts more than it ever
      did immeidately after surgery.

      This is a PT business question..

      Can any members here offer suggestions how a normal peron
      distinguishes the particular skills or "bent" of one group of
      individual PT from another...

      Or is it all random and unimportant, and it won't matter one bit to
      our recovery... its an insignifigant injury anyway... <ssi>


      Jeff (Windwarrior@...)
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