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  • Bruce Odle
    Jan 28, 2000
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      I read the Letter to the Editor in PT Advance by Charlene Anderson. Impressed with her initiative and leadership. To offer up to the discussion, our company offers a new computer based assessment and training tool for motor planning, sequencing and timing skills. We offer it only to therapy professionals who in turn offer it to local families. So in addition to this tool being newly availalble to families, it is a new service opportunity for professionals who are either looking to expand an exisiting private practice or venture out on their own.The technology is unique in the fact (and we have research to support) it can be a therapy for "impairment" areas, (LD, ADHD, Motor/Coordination, and Developmental Issues) and a training for "improvement" areas (Learning Enrichment and sports skills training) so it can be a part of a reimbursement driven practice and/or a cash-based business.For more info you are invited to visit our web site at www.interactivemetronome.com. Register on the web to receive periodic updates and announcements. Thank you and good luck.Bruce E. Odle, Chief Operating Officer, Interactive Metronome Company
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