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2[physical_therapists_in_business] What are the advantages to being in business for yourself?

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  • Charlene K. Anderson
    Dec 23, 1999
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      There are many advantages to being in business for yourself, especially
      these days! I will share the advantages from my perspective in hopes
      that it will stimulate conversation. First of all, my most important
      job is that of a mother. As a mother, I feel strong twinges at my
      heart everytime I leave my children to go to my part time job. I am
      gone about nine hours each day, for 2 days. Don't get me wrong Peds
      P.T. is very fullfilling. The challenge is being away so long! Here
      comes the first advantage for me, FLEXIBLITY. For the rest of the week
      I do consultation at a special ed school for 4 hours, a couple of
      private clients and then my home internet and health business. I can
      set my own schedule. Whenever possible I work around my children's
      awake hours. The second advantage is of course MONETARY. I get paid
      three times more an hour to consult than I do at my job. Private
      clients also pay well. My home business is still building but has the
      potential to pay huge dividends. Can anyone else think of other
      advantages? I hope so. Please Share your ideas.
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