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    Oct 22, 2003
      Hi Ram,
      I am sorry for the delayed response from me. I could not reply right a way because my internet had problem to log in.
      here are the answers for your questions with regard to start a clinic.
      1. To start a clinic you donot have to have a medicare number provided if you are treating only selected private patients, worker's comp pts, and MVA pts.
      2. How ever it is not too hard to get medicare provider number. If you need any guidence to get it  and as long as your are a  P.T. licence holder in any state, I can help you.
      3.If you think the Dr  that you know is a good source for the referrals, it is good to have a clinic to attach with him. I donot see any problem with that.
      4. If you know few doctors, you should start marketing by printing some prochures with informations about the insurances that you can accept, the modalities that you can use in your clinic and the benefits by P.T. Give these to the doctors and  tell them that you will be starting a clinic real soon and the referrals will be appreaciated from them.
      5. As long as you can prove that you are a good therapist by making pts happy, i donot think that you have to worry about the number of clinics in your town. Keep up good repition which will automatically generate business.
      6. To find about the P.T. clinics in your area, you can look in yellow pages.
      7. To get the used equipments you contact Cyman therapy people or if you want to lease new epuipments for a good deal I can refer to some one else.
      Hope I had answered your questions in this letter.

      swetha302002 <swetha302002@...> wrote:


            This is Ram PT and i am doing sub-contract services to
      HHA's/clinics.I have questions to start outpatient therapy services
      1,Do i need medicre prov # to start a clinic 
      2,Is it good to start a clinic with dr's offices or be a free
      standing clinic,
      3,Do i have to know some dr's before starting or to do marketing
      after opening a clinic,
      4,How can i find how many therapy clinics are in each city or
      existing practices on sale,
      i will be glad to hear your opinions and guidances in this matter.


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