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119Need PT or PTA who wants to argue FOR the merit of alternative medicine in the ranks of physical therapy

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  • Andrea Salzman
    Nov 12, 2002
      Dear PTs/PTAs,

      My name is Andrea Salzman and I write a monthly column for the magazine
      Advance for Physical Therapists/PTAs.

      The column is entitled "We Debate; You Decide" and for each column, we have
      two articulate, even pithy, writers who take opposing views on a topic. The
      intent is to generate water-cooler discussion, online letters and even
      (written) arguments about the topic.

      I am in need of a writer who is "Pro" alternative medicine (e.g. energy
      work, etc) in PT and who would be willing to articulate this position by
      answering the following questions. If at all possible, I need a writer who
      can work on this topic this week or weekend.

      Thanks so much for your responses to this need -- if you are willing to
      answer these questions, please e-mail me directly at info@...
      before doing so, just in case someone else has already been chosen for the

      - Andrea Salzman
      Questions: (Limit answers to no more than 150 words per question. Answer in
      a conversational tone)
      1. Elements of alternative medicine techniques (e.g. energy work,
      acupuncture, etc.) should be taught in physical therapy and PTA school.
      True or false? If yes, how do you chose which ones? Elaborate.

      2. State practice boards should recognize continuing education credits
      issued from nontraditional practitioners who teach alternative medicine
      techniques. True or false? Elaborate.

      3. Alternative medicine techniques should not be used in physical therapy
      practice until such techniques have been demonstrated effective (or at
      least not harmful) by clinical trial. True or false? If true, should these
      techniques be reimbursable by a third party? Elaborate.

      4. Spiritual elements (meditation, celebration of a Life Force, crystal
      work, etc.) should be included in physical therapy treatments as long as
      the patient is comfortable with such elements. True of false? Elaborate.

      5. The recent public interest in alternative medicine has more to do with
      the public's craving for the "therapeutic power of touch" and the
      possibility of "the miracle" than it does with demonstrable results. True
      of false? Elaborate.

      6. A private-pay patient should be encouraged to "try anything once" as
      long as that "anything" has a low risk of harm and the patient has the
      opportunity to provide informed consent. True or false? Elaborate.

      Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
      Aquatic Resources Network
      302 160th Street -- Suite 200
      Amery, Wisconsin 54001 USA
      Ph: (715) 248-7258
      Fax: (715) 248-3065
      E-mail: asalzman@...
      Web: www.aquaticnet.com