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113Re: beginning a consulting business

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  • jmcurlpt
    Oct 29, 2002
      --- In physical_therapists_in_business@y..., "woundnut68"
      <woundnut68@y...> wrote:
      > Does anyone have any know how on how to begin your own consultand
      > business? I am a wound care specialist and becoming a certified
      > pedorthist. Any help would be appreciated.

      First you have to find a need for whatever service(s) you offer and
      determine how could they be utilized to fill that need. What type of
      consulting service are you trying to build? and who is your target
      population? Once you have these questions answered, you then have top
      put together a proper Business Plan which will then describe what
      your goals are and how you plan on implementing your plan to achieve
      those goals. Good Luck!
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