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106Re: Need pithy writers for Advance magazine column "We Debate, You Decide" -- see list of topics

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  • brascopt
    Sep 15, 2002
      I tried to respond to this message earlier, but I don't think it went
      through, I am interested in writing, just let me know which topics
      are still available, and how much I'll need to write,... D. Kelly PT,

      --- In physical_therapists_in_business@y..., "Andrea Salzman"
      <asalzman@a...> wrote:
      > Dear PTs/PTAs,
      > My name is Andrea Salzman and I write a monthly column for the
      > Advance for Physical Therapists/PTAs.
      > The column is entitled "We Debate; You Decide" and for each column,
      we have
      > two articulate, even pithy, writers who take opposing views on a
      topic. The
      > intent is to generate water-cooler discussion, online letters and
      > (written) arguments about the topic. Even if you don't think you
      can do
      > justice to a topic, e-mail me with the names/e-mail addresses of
      > you think can.
      > I am in urgent need of one writer and am trolling for others. See
      the list
      > of topics below -- the first topic (APTA membership -- essential or
      > oversold?) is the one where I have the greatest need. My con writer
      > person who said he did not belong to the APTA and did not think the
      > was essential to him professionally) failed to produce.
      > I need a PT or PTA who chooses not belong to the APTA and who would
      > willing to articulate why. My first preference is for someone who
      > not to belong on principle and not just because of financial
      > -- but I would work with someone who doesn't belong because he
      thinks the
      > cost is not proportionate to the benefit.
      > Thanks so much for your responses to this need -- please e-mail me
      > at info@a...
      > - Andrea
      > Future Column Topics
      > 1. APTA membership: Essential or oversold? (Urgent: need "oversold"
      > argument by Sept. 15, 2002. I will e-mail you immediately upon
      contact with
      > interview questions)
      > 2. Physical therapy clinics that retail products: Helpful or
      > 3. To DPT or not to DPT: That's today's question
      > 4. Massage therapy: Independent profession or plain old PT
      > 5. Chiropractors who "perform" physical therapy: Perfectly legal or
      > out-of-bounds?
      > 6. Personal trainers: Friend or foe?
      > 7. Animal PT: Illegal or inevitable?
      > 8. Alternative Medicine: Mainstream it or malign it?
      > 9. Ergonomic Standards: Did President Bush trash a good idea, or
      save us
      > from ourselves?
      > Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
      > Aquatic Resources Network
      > 302 160th Street -- Suite 200
      > Amery, Wisconsin 54001 USA
      > Ph: (715) 248-7258
      > Fax: (715) 248-3065
      > E-mail: asalzman@a...
      > Web: www.aquaticnet.com
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