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105Need pithy writers for Advance magazine column "We Debate, You Decide" -- see list of topics

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  • Andrea Salzman
    Sep 6, 2002
      Dear PTs/PTAs,

      My name is Andrea Salzman and I write a monthly column for the magazine
      Advance for Physical Therapists/PTAs.

      The column is entitled "We Debate; You Decide" and for each column, we have
      two articulate, even pithy, writers who take opposing views on a topic. The
      intent is to generate water-cooler discussion, online letters and even
      (written) arguments about the topic. Even if you don't think you can do
      justice to a topic, e-mail me with the names/e-mail addresses of PTs/PTAs
      you think can.

      I am in urgent need of one writer and am trolling for others. See the list
      of topics below -- the first topic (APTA membership -- essential or
      oversold?) is the one where I have the greatest need. My con writer (the
      person who said he did not belong to the APTA and did not think the APTA
      was essential to him professionally) failed to produce.

      I need a PT or PTA who chooses not belong to the APTA and who would be
      willing to articulate why. My first preference is for someone who chooses
      not to belong on principle and not just because of financial considerations
      -- but I would work with someone who doesn't belong because he thinks the
      cost is not proportionate to the benefit.

      Thanks so much for your responses to this need -- please e-mail me directly
      at info@...

      - Andrea

      Future Column Topics
      1. APTA membership: Essential or oversold? (Urgent: need "oversold"
      argument by Sept. 15, 2002. I will e-mail you immediately upon contact with
      interview questions)

      2. Physical therapy clinics that retail products: Helpful or unethical?

      3. To DPT or not to DPT: That's today's question

      4. Massage therapy: Independent profession or plain old PT procedure?

      5. Chiropractors who "perform" physical therapy: Perfectly legal or

      6. Personal trainers: Friend or foe?

      7. Animal PT: Illegal or inevitable?

      8. Alternative Medicine: Mainstream it or malign it?

      9. Ergonomic Standards: Did President Bush trash a good idea, or save us
      from ourselves?

      Andrea Salzman, MS, PT
      Aquatic Resources Network
      302 160th Street -- Suite 200
      Amery, Wisconsin 54001 USA
      Ph: (715) 248-7258
      Fax: (715) 248-3065
      E-mail: asalzman@...
      Web: www.aquaticnet.com
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