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[OT] Azman Sami on Meet the Mentors by SQABD

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  • Tahmid Munaz
    Hello everyone, SQABD (www.sqabd.com ) community released its 2nd Episode of Meet the Mentors session on Azman Sami. Mr. Azman Sami
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      SQABD (www.sqabd.com) community released its' 2nd Episode of "Meet the Mentors" session on Azman Sami.

      Mr. Azman Sami is a well known mentor in the software industry of Bangladesh foralmost 7 to 8 years. The beginning part is more focused on the study path ofour mentor. SQABD highlighted his career path. As our mentor spent asignificant time period in the core software firm and then moved to telcoworld,  SQABD tried to portray a comparative scenario of his learningphase, working experiences and his overall career building stories.

      Please listen to the Recorded MP3 file of the "Meet the Mentors" session and give us your feedback at SQABD group. URL:  http://sqabdmentors.blogspot.com/2007/04/azman-sami-on-meet-mentors-by-sqabd.html

      Please propose your best mentor's name in SQABD community.  So that you will get your mentor in any of the next episodes soon! This is a way to enrich ourselves by learning and getting the guidelines from these valuable experienced persons.

      This 2nd Episode is exclusively sponsored by Therap (BD) Ltd. and the transcript of this episode is coming soon!

      Tahmid Munaz

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