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Re: [phpXperts] Just PHP will give you nothing!!!! - unless you upgrade yourself

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  • Shimanto Mahmud
    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your comments about the CS graduates. We usually forgot the difference between a Computer Science graduate and a non CS
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 29, 2007
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      Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your comments about the CS graduates.

      We usually forgot the difference between a Computer Science graduate and a non CS person.

      Because the situation forced us to engage all type of non quality job, we some time lost faith upon our self.

      Thanks once again

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      Subject: Re: [phpXperts] Just PHP will give you nothing!!!! - unless you upgrade yourself

      It is common for head-hunters to use fancy terminologies on job applicants.

      The question is, what field are you best proficient in? A person with
      a computer science background, who is working on templates or CSS is
      wasting his/her time in the organization (unless you have chosen this
      upon yourself.).

      CS people are better at writing code, solving problems and creating
      solutions. A company who doesn't see this is not worth wasting your
      time on.

      Working on templates is the job of the usability team. Does your
      application really need AJAX, hovers and OOPS?

      Anyone checked out crag list? Simplicity just works!

      http://sfbay. craigslist. org/


      > On 1/25/07, Hasin Hayder <phpfive@yahoo. com> wrote:

      Sometime developers thinks that learning Only PHP will
      > > help them to get lucrative jobs!! OMG

      > > Specially in BD most of the time PHP developers plays multiple roles
      > > in the companies, they are developer, they are template designers,
      > > they are HTML coders, they are DBA, they are PMs....what the heck.
      > > Only few companies have different people for these roles.
      > >
      > > How far you can go just learning PHP (RAW code, in acient style, that
      > > means PHP+HTML together, yak!!)? You have to have knowledge in CSS,
      > > JS, Frameworks, Multiple DBS
      > >
      > > When it comes the question of CSS, you should maintain a list of
      > > websites where from you can get updates. Dont learn the CSS from book,
      > > but goto websites and see what is happening... If you are still using
      > > Tables to design ur pages, let me say man, it sucks. Got any idea
      > > about Liquid Layout?? not yet??
      > >
      > > Lets go for JS. Javascript is simple yet powerful language (I better
      > > say a mandatory one for web application developers) to learn. Unless u
      > > have proper knowledge in JS, its very hard to develop "usable" web 2
      > > apps. But wait, I never meant RAW JS. you have to have some basic
      > > skills on basic javascript, but dont spend time for re inventing the
      > > wheels. Go for popular libs like Prototype, jQuery, Moo, Mootools,
      > > Scriptaculous, Dojo, Rico.... Why you are sitting man?? go learn them.
      > >
      > > MySQL becomes very popular by last couple of years becoz it
      > > performance. By the meantime PostgreSQL also developed a lot. Now its
      > > hardly a factor between them, if you talk abt performance. Beside that
      > > I must say postgre is much more mature, featre rich and thats why it
      > > is called "open source oracle". Never wait for
      only MySQL. Learn
      > > postgreSQL. And it is also necessary to learn atleast one of the
      > > embedded database like SQLite. Dont ever think that SQLite is less
      > > powerull. You can develop amazing apps using simply SQLite, with some
      > > "hacks" and "optimizations"
      > >
      > > Team development attitude is another important thing. If you are
      > > introvert, restricting and never share your knowledge with others, you
      > > dont cost a dime. What is the value of yor knowledge unless you
      > > explore it? Also you must posses a very friendly attitude while you
      > > are working in a team. Dont think your team mates are your competitor
      > > but they are just working with you to build a big result
      > > together.... nothing personal. Participate in forums and write blogs.
      > >
      > > If you are PHP developer and think you have learned enough already,
      > > let me give
      some suggestions. Please DONT think you have finished
      > > learning. Everyday there are new release from PEAR, PECL and many
      > > other providers. Please learn useful packages from PEAR. Also learn
      > > the following
      > >
      > > 1. ezComponents
      > > 2. Zend Framework (dont mix framework with the MVC concept.. MVC is
      > > just a part of Zend Framework)
      > > 3. Popular opensource packages
      > > 4. PEAR
      > > 5. Templating engines like Smarty, Savant
      > >
      > > also keep yourself uptodate from the following sites
      > >
      > > 1. www.phparch. com
      > > 2. www.phpmag.net
      > > 3. www.phpmagazine. net
      > > 4. www.ajaxian. com
      > > 5. www.mashable. com
      > > 6. www.programmableweb .com
      > > 7. www.plane-php. org
      > >
      > > Please Please Please - Upgrade Yourself....
      > >
      > > --Hasin Hayder
      > >
      Web Application Developer
      > > http://hasin. wordpress. com
      > >
      > >

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