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Krugle for Krugling

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  • Tahmid Munaz
    Krugle for Krugling [0] Krugle is for Krugling where Google is for Googling Suddenly i recalled about
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2006

      Krugle for Krugling

      0"Krugle is for Krugling
      where Google is for Googling"

      Suddenly i recalled about "Krugle" while i was surfing through the Goolge. Last time i received an email from Krugle about their beta release with a survay form. I liked this Krugle searching engine. Here what the Krugle is for...

      Krugle Search gives you to :
      • Find Code
      • Find Answers
      • Save and Share
      See few of the Screen shots from Below.

      -> Index page of the Krugle.
      0-> Find Code

      0-> Find Answer

      -> Save and Share

      I recommend every one to utilize the use of Krugle as they released their version open to everyone where it was not open to all even few months ago. Don't know the exact date when they really let it open for all. But now everyone should get the chance to use it. It should help Krugle team even to find more bugs and enrich the features purely. Several open feedbacks could help a process to be more perfect :)

      Lets use and ask our friends to use it. Enjoy Krugling :)


      Tahmid Munaz
      SQA Engineer
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