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Re: [phpXperts] Empty field becomes right-slash

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  • BobSharp
    Sorry .... www.NeedleSharp.co.uk AboutUs Services Quotation All files attached unzip to a server (www) The errors are not occuring now,
    Message 1 of 10 , Nov 27, 2010
    Sorry ....  www.NeedleSharp.co.uk    AboutUs   >   Services   >   Quotation
    All files attached    unzip to a server (www)
    The errors are not occuring now,   but removing one or other of
    the "stripslashes($_POST[' '])" might show the problem again. 
    It was definately a right-slash  /  that I was seeing.
    It's probably obvious that I am an amateur at PHP/CSS/MySQL. 
    My aim was to collect the data into a file that could be turned
    into a .csv to import into a Contacts List or MySQL database
    table; rather than have it emailed to me, then cut-&-pasted into
    the database.
    Any further tips or suggestions would be most welcome.
    best regards
          Bob Sharp
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    I'm not finding a "SERVICES" link.

    There are a couple of issues.
    1. We have never received complete code, so we can't properly debug it.
    2. You weren't clear on the type of value you were being returned. "Right slash" is "/", but it's going to be highly likely that you meant a left slash: "\".

    Give us:
    1. Complete code.
    2. Sample input.
    3. Sample output.


    On Thu, Nov 25, 2010 at 2:19 AM, BobSharp <bobsharp@...> wrote:

    Didn't work either.
    I have put it up live on  www.NeedleSharp.co.uk  for you to see the problem
    Go to SERVICES,  then QUOTATION.
    Email is a required field.  Date is optional.

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