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Re: Psychological Motives for Pursuing Photography

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  • Herschel Mair
    Photographers get fired because they re not allowed to Doctor images post shooting.... But how much more Doctored and even sinister, is a photograph when
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      Photographers get fired because they're not allowed to "Doctor" images post shooting.... But how much more "Doctored" and even sinister, is a photograph when the  biased photographer changes his position in order to exclude a scene that contradicts the story he's trying to tell. Here the evil is untraceable so I suppose you would say that was acceptable and would not call that photograph "Doctored"? 

      No magazine will send you on an assignment without telling you the "Angle" they want the story from.

      Picture a scenario where a hard-core, right-wing paper and a hard-core, left-wing paper each send a photographer to cover the same event. They'll come back with completely different images.
      Now we know, logically, that if two pieces of data contradict each other they can either both be lies or one can be true but they can't both be true...
      So where is the absolute truth here?

      With any photography you can make up any story you like and then selectively shoot images to make the story look true.

      Look at the amazing work of Leni Riefenstahl who made Hitler look like a savior to the German population. She had no digital cameras and no Photoshop.

      BTW, I have read Chapnick's book, even taught using it as a text book... and I found it rather naive and sometimes a little too sentimental. Some of the greatest photojournalism which was accepted as truth when it was published has subsequently been found to have been "Doctored"

      On 8/31/11 11:05 PM, Gregory wrote:
      Again, I have to agree. Why do you think Photojournalists get fired on the spot when it’s discovered they doctored an image.
      Two more books worth looking into; Truth Needs No Ally by Howard Chapnick and The First Casualty by Phillip Knightly.
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      Subject: RE: Psychological Motives for Pursuing Photography
      If truth is flexible then no form of society can function.  One man sees it as the absolute truth that he is entitled because of mistreatment to break that window and take a TV because of a past wrong.  The owner of the shop who paid for the tv will most certainly think he stole it.  FACT the first guy broke the window and took the TV.  That was the truth.  Neither perspective or opinion will change the fact he broke a window and took a tv.
      Capturing what is really there isn't that hard, but its also no more difficult to make a photograph lie.  With digital imaging its even easier.
    • Russ
      Hi Gang............ I ve only glanced at theses messages.... Reminds me a lot of stuff * Afterswift would whine about. *(I can t remember his real name) ...
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        Hi Gang............

        I've only glanced at theses messages....

        Reminds me a lot of stuff *"Afterswift" would whine about.

        *(I can't remember his real name)

        R.E. Baker Photography
        Feed a Cat...
        Starve a Fever.....
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