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A Message to Arafat

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  • Shlomi Fish
    Hi! I wrote it in the spur of inspiration, and I think it is quite insightful. Flame away. This is the first revision which aspell did a nice job of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2003
      Hi! I wrote it in the spur of inspiration, and I think it is quite
      insightful. Flame away. This is the first revision which aspell did a nice
      job of spell-checking but could still have some grammatical errors,
      replaced words, etc.

      Flame away.


      Shlomi Fish

      Hello Mr. Arafat,

      If I had to define you in one word, it would be Loser. With a capital L. I
      don't usually define people this way. I define myself as Shlomi Fish. I define
      Linus Torvalds as Linus Torvalds, and Bill Gates as Bill Gates. That's because
      they are complex individuals instead of the vane person that you are. Are you
      offended? You should be as I fully intend to offend you.

      I don't define a tennis player that lost a tennis game as a Loser. Maybe he
      lost the game, but he is not a Loser (at least not with a a capital L), because
      he did his best to win it. Likewise, a person who started a company that did
      not succeed is not necessarily a loser. Maybe he was not smart or lucky enough,
      but he tried to do something benevolent and good.

      You on the other hand are a Loser. Why? Let me start with an earlier stage. A
      few years ago, there was a relative quiet in the Israeli occupied territories.
      The negotiations were progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless. But more
      importantly, the Palestinians and the Israelis were prosperous. The
      Palestinians inside the occupied territories enjoyed the relative peace, and
      some became successful at their financial endeavors. The Palestinians inside
      Israel (also referred to as the Israeli Arabs) were still discriminated upon to
      some extent, but enjoyed more respect and less collective responsibilities for
      what their brothers in Judea, Samaria and Gaza were doing. They also prospered.

      And then you started the violence again. Like God who said "Let there be light",
      you said "let their be anarchy". (let's face it - you have full control on what
      there is going on in the territories. Otherwise you are an even greater Loser).
      Now, what happens? Many Palestinians in the occupied territories have become
      bank-], and many of them are no longer allowed to enter Israel to work.
      Many of them are simply dead, and as such can no longer feel, live or enjoy
      life at all. (between you an me, death is final and there is no after-life)
      The Palestinians inside Israel are more and more accused of what their
      non-Israeli peers do, and suffer from more resentment and abuse.

      Palestinians should be very naive to believe you are acting on their behalf!
      You may full most of the people now, but sometimes into the future your own
      people will see you as the Loser you really are.

      Freedom you said? Naturally, you are calling for all the violence to liberate
      your people. Very well. Muhandas Gandhi (a very noble man, and a very wise one
      as well) proved to the world that it was possible to liberate a country without
      using violence at all - just non-violent resistance. He set a record for
      everybody else to follow. Why don't you follow suit? If Palestinians resisted
      the occupation non-violently they would have gained independence by now. But as things stand now, Israelis are afraid (and quite correctly) that the violent
      will only get worse once we give the Palestinians independence. And frankly,
      you did nothing benevolent to deserve it for a long time.

      Don't get me wrong - I don't think the man who stands against you in the Israeli
      side is not a Loser as well. He very much is. Many times in history, two Losers
      have waged battles that cost thousands of lives. But it takes one truly noble
      man standing against a Loser (or even some Losers at the other side) to make
      sure they all appear with their pants down, and are of no match against him.
      This was the case with Gandhi and the British Colonization of India. This is
      not the case with you.

      It is obvious that many innocent Palestinians are already too dead to enjoy the Freedom. Let me tell you a secret: the ends _never_ justify the means. It is
      immoral to sacrifice them to achieve freedom for the collective if they did
      not voluntarily agreed to. The American Revolution was built on fully
      voluntary resistance. The Maki resistance of France during WWII was fully
      voluntary and noble. With the Palestinian resistance, shooters sometimes takes hide in a fully inhabited building just to make sure they are protected by the
      flesh of the innocent and those who did not consent to serve as cannon fodder.

      You are taking advantage of the fact Israeli soldiers are noble enough (and
      instructed to be noble from the IDF leadership) and will not actively shoot
      children or so to harm a terrorist. Yes they are noble. Yet, you deliberately
      invert them as "abusive occupiers". This may be true in some individual cases,
      but as a general rule it's just a plain lie. You are the one who ultimately
      responsible for killing Palestinians. Without your the force you _initiate_, violence will quickly subside from the Israeli side.

      Once upon a time there was a noble Arab ruler by the name of Saladin (or Sallahu-(al)-Din Yussuf in Arabic). He is considered one of the most noble rulers in
      history, Arab or otherwise. As we all know he liberated Palestine from the
      crusaders. Yet, the crusaders were religious zealots who were very irrational
      and destructive and actively abused Muslims and Jews who remained there. The
      Christian occupation of Palestine was made from purely religious terms and as
      a solution for many people (which Europe could not support at the time) to have
      something to do with their lives including getting killed.

      Saladin, on the other hand, conquered Israel, but he did so nobly: he fought
      only against Christian soldiers, specifically instructed his soldiers not to
      harm Christian civilians. When one Christian fortress resisted bravely for a
      long time until it surrendered, it was told he instructed that its soldiers be
      able to walk to the Christian-occupied territories (without arms) where they
      can return home.

      The Christians who were present in Israel after its re-conquest, remained
      first-grade citizens there, and the Christian Israeli Arabs of today are partly
      their descendants. Furthermore, Saladin later started negotiations and peace
      processes with the previous countries that occupied Palestine, and was
      partially responsible for the Christian enlightenment that brought the

      I don't think Saladin waged a senseless Jihad against the non-believers.
      Instead, he rescued an otherwise terrorized country from its abusers. Thus,
      despite exerting some necessary violence in the process he was very rational
      and moral.

      Now you might think of yourself as the Arabs' Saladin No. 2, right? However,
      the Israeli Jews are living in Israel at present, most of them innocent of any
      crime against anybody, yet you deny their right to inhabit Palestine. (meaning
      the geographical region, not the future country). Many Israelis and
      Palestinians err by trying to rationalize their right to live here with
      the fact that their ancestors did (and the ancestors of the other party did not first, or did not last, etc). However, a good enough reason is that they are
      living here _now_. No other reason is needed or necessary, and this right
      cannot be denied for a perfectly lawful person.[1]

      You are fighting a crime against an immoral cause: trying to force the "evil"
      Israelis out of Israel, while keeping the "righteous" Palestinians in. Most
      Israelis are not evil, and neither are most Palestinians. But some of them are,
      and they were referred to as Losers previously, because all evil men are
      Losers. (including you)

      Collectively depicting the Jews living in Israel as evil, is simply fraud.
      I'll even call that plain lying. So are Israelis who are paranoid of the
      Palestinians and which to exert measures in which the ends justify the means
      and innocent people are purposely sacrificed. I am an objective person, who
      do my best not to have double standards.

      I'll finish my article with a list of other famous Losers: Stalin, Mao,
      Hitler, and the Israelis very own Ariel Sharon. They all mascaraed many
      innocent people, most of the times their own. Hitler may have directed his
      attacks against other people beside the German, but he did a very big crime
      for the German nation: he killed its ego. Germany has collectively become, a
      living organism without an ego, which lacks self-pride. This pride will be
      restored in time, but it's still an immoral action to kill an organism's
      consciousness, even if his body is left intact.

      You cannot usually benefit from harming your "enemy". If your actions are
      wise enough they will benefit your side.

      As you, Mr. Arafat are a Loser, they consistently harm both Israelis and Palestinians. And the sooner the Palestinians (and the Israelis) realize that and
      denounce as an incompetent, spineless person who lacks any hint of ideology, the

      If I broke what was left of your pseudo-self-esteem, then I was successful. If
      not, and just made you angry - there may be hope for you yet.

      [1] - For the record, a country cannot deny a lawful person from entering it
      and working there, and eventually becoming a citizen, but that's a different

      Shlomi Fish shlomif@...
      Home Page: http://t2.technion.ac.il/~shlomif/

      He who re-invents the wheel, understands much better how a wheel works.
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