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142Re: A Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Problem

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  • Ofir Carny
    Nov 22, 2004
      > First of all, Objectivism is not a cult. It's an idea system. And I explain
      > why they hold. I said that for example a person has no right to force another
      > person to protect himself, because you are forcing a person to do something
      > pro-active against his will. Why isn't it true?

      I never said it's not true (it isn't, why is a question for long
      essays, which contain phrases like 'tragedy of the commons' and
      'social contract').
      I merely stated that you never proved it, your proactive argument
      merely suggest you might decrease the level of the soldier's freedom.

      > Fine, I'll give some words of the state:
      > 1. Israel will be able to protect itself effectively.
      Maybe, probably not, because it will not have an army.

      > 2. The settlements will no longer be an issue.
      Maybe, (you never showed how) but that would still leave the issue of
      the settlers.

      > 3. It will not need to support the Palestinians any longer.
      Yes, but ignores concequence of no longer supporting them (e.g. contradicts 4).

      > 4. Arabs will have less and less reasons to criticize Israel and to actively
      > hate it.
      That is extremely optimistic thinking, without basis (you did unleash
      the settlers on them and stopped supporting them)..
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