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Re: Estate JJ Ford's message led me here: I Ain't Marchin' http://youtu.be/DYhivKM50tQ It is truly awful.  Ugh! JJ Ford's message led me here: I Ain't Marchin'
Luther Gaylord
4:29 PM
Re: Estate Michael and Meegan are both on FaceBook. You might try messaging them there. ... Michael and Meegan are both on FaceBook. You might try messaging them there.
Pam Raver
12:42 PM
Re: Estate ... Sonny Ochs http://sonnyochs.com/ Contact Info: Sonny Ochs 162 Rockaway Lane Middleburgh, NY 12122 sonnyo@... Phone 518.827.4953 John
John Newmark
12:40 PM
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Re: Estate Sonny Ochs Sonny Ochs Sonny Ochs (photo credit: Peggy Seeger) Contact Info: Sonny Ochs 162 Rockaway Lane Middleburgh, NY 12122 sonnyo@... Phone
JJ Ford
12:29 PM
Re: Estate Try Sonny Ochs. She runs the Phil website, or she did. Also the Phil Ochs nights around the country. On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 3:04 PM, "lmercer@..."
JJ Ford
12:26 PM
Estate Hello, I'm currently working a project that revolves around me illustrating Phil's songs. I am hoping to create a magazine/booklet type thing by the end and
12:04 PM
Standing 'O' Project | More Money to Artists. More Love to Fans. bookmark this page itÆs on facebook too DAVID FlEISS; nothing I ever post to ôno more songsö ever gets through????
Feb 28
Re: Phil Ochs - Troubadour 1970 thanks jim and arthur! of course, pauls site! i did download the carnegie hall and fbi tapes from there, also some other files, but there was some poor quality
Feb 17
Re: Phil Ochs - Troubadour 1970 right click the track, and click on  "save as..."   Just be sure to note where its being saved TO.  right click the track, and click on "save as..." Just be
Jim Abbott
Feb 17
Re: Phil Ochs - Troubadour 1970 John You just right click the link Track 1, Track 2 etc and Save As. You have to do each track individually. If you use Firefox there isan add-in you can
e-mail arthur1954
Feb 17
Re: Phil Ochs - Troubadour 1970 No, sorry.  Have no clue. Lana Save all the Animals, they need you help On Sunday, February 16, 2014 6:35 AM, "eremidunno@..."
Feb 16
Re: Phil Ochs - Troubadour 1970 excellent arthur, some great speeches i heard while skipping through. will listen in its entirity soon. by the way, i could stream it but couldnt see a way to
Feb 16
Phil Ochs - Troubadour 1970 *PHIL OCHSLive at the Troubadour Nightclub [no label, 2CD]**Live in West Hollywood, California, February 1, 1970. First Generation recording from the master
e-mail arthur1954
Feb 16
Re: Inside Llewyn Davis Van Ronk loosely. On Sunday, February 9, 2014 4:39 AM, "dstaudacher@..." wrote:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFcizXfbcB4 -
JJ Ford
Feb 9
Re: Inside Llewyn Davis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFcizXfbcB4 - At 13:48 into this 30 minute interview, actor Oscar Isaac begins discussing his research for the lead role,
Feb 9
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Re: Inside Llewyn Davis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54so0H6GPmo - This 6 minute clip has commentary by the actors, the Coen brothers, and key production personnel. Dave Van Ronk
Feb 9
Inside Llewyn Davis Is this movie supposed to be about Phil Ochs?  Or is the protagonist based on Dave Van Ronk? http://youtu.be/LFphYRyH7wc
Luther Gaylord
Feb 8
Re: No More Songs Website Paul, if you would be willing to add a ink to this group on the NMS site, I will add yours here. Best, Pam
Feb 2
No More Songs Website For those who may be interested, I've got the bare bones of the site back up and running at www.nomoresongs.com All contributions gratefully accepted etc.
Paul Middleton
Jan 29
My Favorite Pete Seeger Story My favorite Pete story I was in Philadelphia to run a workshop on topical songs and to perform with my group Workers Lives/Workers Stories at a concert with
Jan 29
Re: [phil-ochs] RIP Pete Seeger It’s been just a matter of time for a number of years. I have to admit it is pretty upsetting to me as well. -Lee Fisk Sent from Windows Mail From:
Lee Fisk
Jan 28
RIP Pete Seeger I have Never been this upset. I didn't see it coming. Thank you Peter for being my teacher and friend. Now go, Toshi is calling you Jamie Crawford
Jan 28
Re: I stand corrected! RE my earlier post, I just realized I dropped a sentence. "Phil did something similar on the In Concert album." I was, of course, talking about the flying in
JJ Ford
Jan 25
Re: song entitled "John Butler Train" I found this while looking for something else This is Phil's song John Butler Train with music written for it(apparently it was only recorded once on a home
JJ Ford
Jan 23
Re: I stand corrected! The medleys were the heart of the shows. Both were done at both shows. Another thing is the tempos were almost ridiculous in the second show as it seemed to be
JJ Ford
Jan 23
Re: When I'm Gone sung by Tim Harrison Thank you! I will be looking for Ani's version. Frances, Vashon Island
Jan 23
I stand corrected! I appreciate your doing the comparison, Like I said it was a long time ago. It is even a long time since I have listened to either the second concert or the
Patryk Battle
Jan 23
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Re: ? the assignation of sources 4 Gunfight+ I jus sat down and compared the Gunfight to the second concert. EVERY song is from the first show. Its easy to tell. Phil sounds like crap in the second show.
JJ Ford
Jan 23
? the assignation of sources 4 Gunfight+ Have heard this before and it is not my experience that the bulk of Gunfight is from the first concert. I was at the second show and in my experience all of
Patryk Battle
Jan 23
Re: gunfight at carnegie hall Hi All, For some reason I am not receiving all the emails from this group. As moderator, that can be troublesome. I have not been checking messages online
Jan 23
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