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*PowerPoint* on CAM

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  • Eric Hamell
    Hi folks, Sunday night at 10, the second hour of *PowerPoint* (on 90.9fm) will be on alternative and complementary medicine and the view of physicians
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2001
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      Hi folks,

      Sunday night at 10, the second hour of *PowerPoint* (on 90.9fm) will be on
      "alternative and complementary medicine" and the view of physicians' groups

      Eric K. overstates a bit that St. John's wort was found to be "of little
      value." According to the story in *Science News*, it "doesn't help people
      with moderate or severe forms of depression, concludes the team of
      scientists that conducted the study," but the study leader says "the jury's
      still out" on its effectiveness for mild depression. Another biologist is
      quoted as calling this a "window of opportunity where it looks like it's
      effective," suggesting the view that mild depression, if left untreated, can
      snowball into something more serious (as also suggested by a study on
      pessimistic ruminaton in which I happen to have been a subject some years
      ago). Since mild depression is a widely experienced complaint, this would be
      of considerable value.

      Eric Hamell

      >From: eric krieg <eric@...>
      >To: phact@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [phact] Phact update
      >Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 22:12:43 -0400
      > We had a lot of people at the banquet on Saturday - they seemed to all
      >have a fun time.
      > Today's time magazine had a great side bar piece on Dr Stephen Barrett
      >who showed
      >no surprise at recent tests revealing little value in St. John's Wort.
      >Time also had an apt timely article on how it is difficult to hear in noisy
      >The issue of Skeptical Inquirer had an article from our own Cathy Fiorello
      >on the subject
      >of her talk to us" "myths in child psychology"
      >The issue also includes in "articles of note" a mention of Tom's Mensa
      >Bulletin Article, "Are
      >Mensans Skeptical Enough?"
      >My last passionate missive on deaths caused by the lack of DDT brought two
      >responses: Joel
      >Kaufmann showed me an article tracing an exponential growth of malarial
      >fatalities after the
      >drop off of DDT use. But Ed Gracely reminded me that one must remember
      >that mosquitos
      >would have simply evolved resistance to DDT just as they have to other
      >chemicals. More at:
      >Early reports from the CSICOP conference for leaders of local skeptics
      >groups show that
      >there was a strong sense of agreement among participants. A major issue
      >was ways CSICOP
      >can lend more support to the local groups. More on that ungoing effort as
      >it unfolds.
      >Next meeting is May 19th at 2pm (1pm for council members).

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