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How to Be A UFO Promoter: Easy 10 point steps

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  • Catherine A. Fiorello, Ph.D.
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2001
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      > How to Be A UFO Promoter: Easy 10 point steps
      > by Paul Campbell
      > 1. Remember that scientists do not know everything. Since scientists do
      > not know everything that obviously means that they know nothing about
      > whatever phenomenon you would care to bring up. Since scientists can't
      > possibly understand unusual phenomenon it must be accepted as true!
      > 2. Remember that scientists believe that absence of proof is not proof of
      > absence. Taken to its logical conclusion that means that absence of proof
      > is proof of any claim you wish to make.
      > 3. Given that you cannot be proven wrong, it is up to the scientist to
      > prove that you are wrong! If no proof is offered then your claim must
      > stand!
      > 4. All scientific ideas are theories. A theory is just an idea put forward
      > to explain phenomena. Therefore any ideas you would care to propose
      > should stand aside other great theories such as Einstein's. Do NOT let
      > facts get in the way of proposing your theory or your right to exclaim
      > loudly about your theory. Remember this is a free internet and no one can
      > stop you from posting your theories. Logically then if you can freely post
      > your theories they must be correct.
      > 5. Embrace conspiracies. Governments can and do keep secrets! While the
      > value of secrets during war time is obvious, that in no way means that
      > governments during peace time can't continue to keep secrets. Since by the
      > nature of its secrecy it can't be proven, it must be true. (See#2)
      > 6. Have faith. Whether in a religious sense or belief in your cause. The
      > real truth lies in the numbers who believe in the phenomena. If millions
      > believe that an unusual event is happening then it must be true and the
      > phenomenon must be taken as fact.
      > 7. Despise the skeptical. Often referred to as the skepti-cult. These
      > people
      > have no idea how science works. Often when they look at a phenomenon it is
      > obvious that they have not looked deeply enough. Though they may have
      > looked at a phenomenon enough to satisfy themselves it should never be
      > deep enough to satisfy you that you may be incorrect. That means that
      > their ideas of how science in done is totally incorrect and all skeptical
      > ideas should be ignored as they have no scientific basis.
      > 8. Have an open mind. Remembering that an open mind is one that must come
      > to the same conclusions that you yourself have made. The skepti-cult are
      > notorious for not having an open mind as they are obviously pre-disposed
      > to considering your theory incorrect. Opposing viewpoints cannot be
      > tolerated and are not scientific (see #7).
      > 9. Education is not a factor. Remember item #1. Scientists don't know
      > anything. That means that whatever your education or whatever your field
      > of study you have as much right to introduce theories as any scientist. As
      > such your theories should stand alongside those of Newton, Einstein
      > or Hawking and need not be testable by scientists as these scientists do
      > not follow proper scientific methods.
      > 10. Always offer proof. This proof need not be correct nor does it need to
      > be testable or reproducible. CAPITAL LETTERS ARE ALWAYS PROOF THAT YOUR
      > IDEAS ARE CORRECT. Spelling mistakes or bad grammar used by those that
      > oppose you are also proof of your statements, as is profanity. It should
      > be noted that profanity and abuse are acceptable only among the UFO
      > promoters. The idea that both parties may be guilty is absurd. The media
      > is always an excellent source of proof. If it's on Art Bell it must be
      > true! If it is written up in a book, it must be true. Proof is never too
      > hard to find if testing is not a requirement. Remember scientists believe
      > that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. What a silly
      > standard they apply to themselves! As we all know, proof is much easier than
      > that to obtain!
      * Catherine A. Fiorello, Ph.D. *
      * Temple University School Psychology Program *
      * cfiorell@... *
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