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Phact - update Oct 17,21 Nov 18th Dec 21

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  • eric krieg
    People, Our past speaker had some fascinating inside information about Orgonomy - but apparently still ascribes to some of the ubiquitous nutty psychotherapy
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2000

      Our past speaker had some fascinating inside information about Orgonomy - but apparently still
      ascribes to some of the ubiquitous nutty psychotherapy beliefs out there. Perhaps our
      next speaker will help clear up a few fringe areas.
      Our next meeting is Oct. 21 at 2pm. Our speakers are James Herbert and Brandon Gaudiano -
      see the bottom of this message for details. Afterwards, consider joining a bunch of us who go
      out for an early dinner nearby. Anyone who still hasn't had enough of skeptics after that can
      join Bonnie Finkelstein for a 2nd city comedy event at 8pm at MontCo

      Some people say the Catholic church got a lot of free advertising over
      Cathy Drexel. According to a recent article by Faye Flam, the church
      fails to include all the cases where prayers are not answered when considering unusual
      remissions. - Actually, Faye may be a good candidate for us to resurrect our "award for
      journalistic integrity". We would need a volunteer to get a plaque made up. - actually,
      there's a lot of things we could use volunteers for.

      Reserve November 18th for Prof. Bill Wisdom's talk on "The History of Skepticism".

      On Oct. 17th 8pm, Paul Kurtz will speak at Princeton U. on "Secular Humanists - The Last
      Repressed Minority in America". Although the title sounds goofy, Paul is a great
      thinker who was instrumental in starting CSICOP, and I was hoping to make it
      out there. - he is really old, this could be my last chance to hear him. Anyone
      interested in car pooling, give me a call.

      Jack Rohr has paid to reserve a large room for us to have a winter solstice party Dec 21.
      This would be at the corner of Prospect and Farm Rd in North Wales.
      Jack's number is (215) 661-1134 We will have people bring food and should have
      some sort of entertainment.

      Visit our Phact discussion board at:

      More detail for the Oct 21 2pm lecture:

      Our speakers are James D. Herbert, Ph.D. and Brandon
      Gaudiano. They have authored Thought Field Therapy: A
      Critical Analysis (Skeptical Inquirer, July 2000) James
      has published in numerous psychological journals on
      questionable therapies in mental health, especially Eye
      Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. He has
      also done numerous interviews in the popular media on
      the topic. Recently, he commented on EMDR for a piece
      in "The Tennessean"

      James Herbert is a former native of Texas is currently
      Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical and
      Health Psychology, and Director of Psychological
      Services at Hahnemann University. He teaches various
      psychotherapy and psychopharmacology courses for
      Ph.D. psychology students. He has an active, federally
      funded research program on the assessment and
      treatment of anxiety disorders, and has published widely
      on this and other topics in professional journals. He is
      nationally known for his writings on quackery and
      pseudoscience in mental health. He has received
      numerous professional honors and awards, including the
      University's Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award in
      1999. He has served on the Board of Directors of the
      Philadelphia Behavior Therapy Association, and is on
      several editorial boards of professional journals.

      Brandon Gaudiano is currently pursuing his doctorate in
      clinical psychology at MCP Hahnemann University in
      Philadelphia, PA. Currently, he works as a staff
      therapist at the Social Anxiety Treatment Program and at
      a partial hospitalization program at Hahnemann Hospital.
      He is also a research associate in a National Institutes of
      Mental Health funded study in the area of treatment
      outcome research. His clinical/research interests include
      anxiety and mood disorders, cognitive-behavior therapy,
      and pseudoscientific practices in the mental health field.

      Note: All our meetings will be the 3rd Saturday of each
      Month at 2pm.
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