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Channel 12, Sunday 7pm: Catastrophic cause of Dark Ages?

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  • Eric Hamell
    People, Perhaps this is perfectly sound, but it looks pretty fringy to me, so I ... Eric Hamell
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2000
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      Perhaps this is perfectly sound, but it looks pretty fringy to me, so I
      thought I'd give a heads up:

      >Sunday, October 1, 7:00 p.m. SECRETS OF THE DEAD "CATASTROPHE"
      >This installment of SECRETS OF THE DEAD delves into the past in an attempt
      >unlock the secret cause of the Dark Ages. Scientists now believe that the
      >Dark Ages may have been triggered by a natural event that occurred around
      >535 AD.
      >Science writer David Keys is convinced that the cause was a phenomenon of
      >cataclysmic proportions. To discover the nature of this natural
      >catastrophe, and
      >to understand its political, economic and social repercussions, he embarks
      >on a
      >scientific odyssey that ranges from Greenland to Antarctica, from the
      >Americas to
      >the Far East. At the center of a complex chain of events seems to be "a
      >bang" -- a volcanic explosion equal to "two thousand million Hiroshima size
      >bombs." The subsequent environmental calamity, Keys believes, affected
      >civilization from Mongolia to Constantinople, precipitating plague, famine,
      >death, great migration, the fall of the great Mexican city of Teotihuacan,
      >Anglo-Saxon victory over the Celts and even the rise of Islam. (1 hour)

      Eric Hamell
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