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PhACT update - talk coming up March 15th on Solar Heating

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  • eric krieg
    March 15 th 2008 Real Free Energy by Nick Pine There are all kinds of false promises of free energy. There are also many forms of renewable energy that are
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      March 15th 2008 Real Free Energy by Nick Pine
      There are all kinds of false promises of free energy.  There are also many forms of renewable
      energy that are simply impractical at this time to make a big impact on our energy problem.  But at 2 PM on Saturday March 15, 2008 at the Philadelphia Community College, Nick Pine will lead a PHACT discussion on inexpensive solar house heating with sunspaces at Philadelphia Community College. Houses can be close to 100% solar-heated in Pennsylvania, and solar house heating can be 100 times less expensive than solar electricity, per peak watt, and houses in the Northeast need 5 times more heat energy than electrical energy,so why so much interest in solar electricity, while we still burn oil to heat our houses?

      Nick is an electrical engineer by training and a registered US Patent Agent who used to design integrated circuits with time constants measured in nanoseconds and now designs solar house heating systems with time constants measured in days. He lives in Skippack, and he's easy to listen to, and he advocates using basic physics (eg Ohm's law for heatflow) and do-it-yourself commercial greenhouse techniques and
      lightweight polycarbonate film glazing and recycled automobile radiators and windshield wiper motors and low-power inexpensive computers and sensors to frugally solar-heat houses and water for showers, with no ugly expensive rooftop p
      anels. See http://www.ece.villanova.edu/~nick/ for more about Nick's work.

      April 19th 2008 Science Education in Crisis by Andrew Petto

      At 2 PM on Saturday April 19th, Andrew Petto will talk about Science issues including attempts to interfere with teaching evolution. He is author of Scientists Confront Creationism: Intelligent Design and Beyond

      May 17th 2008 Banquet in Horsham.

      Media Integrity Panel Discussion including Faye Flam and Tony Romeo
      At Noon at Edible's in Horsham on Saturday May 17th, we will have a panel discussion about media issues. This costs 25$ a head  paid in advance to our Treasurer, Ray Haupt.

      July 13th 2008 PhACT Picnic.

      Noon at Mondauk Common Park
      A Bring food to cook or just eat. We meet at the Pavilion in the woods on the south east side of the park with parking off Broad Street in the middle of Upper Dublin.

      September 20
      th 2pm April 19th 2008 Innumeracy – Math in Society by John Allen Paulos

      John has been a major source of  mathematical input to the media for years and has written books including Irreligion, Innumeracy, A Mathematician Plays The Stock Market, Beyond Numeracy, A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, Once Upon A Number, and I Think Therefore I Laugh.  You can see more information on John's writings at http://www.math.temple.edu/~paulos/

      Note, this is back at our Philadelphia Community College location.

      In other announcements, I put up a page trying to offer a rational response to Dennis Lee's recent multi million dollar ad campaign selling kits to convert cars to get up to 100 miles to the gallon.

      Also, we could use donations for things like extra printing, speakers honoraria, promotions and special programs. We could use help finding speakers and getting Phactum articles.

      Tom Napier tells us that science promoter, Bill Nye the Science Guy will be speaking at the Horsham high school 7:30 pm.  There is a reception afterwards, you can find out about tickets for both from http://www.hhef.org/events_billnye.htm

      The Humanist Association of Greater Philadelphia and the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia are having a summer picnic at Fort Washington State Park on Sunday July 27 2008. more info from Sally.cramer@...

      You can become a member of PhACT and get our snail mail newsletter by just sending $15 per year (hopefully a donation too) care of Ray Haupt 639 W. Ellet Str Philadelphia PA 19119.  a good link to pass to people to get on the email list is
      http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ phact/

      Eric Krieg

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