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PhACT meeting April 15 2pm on "Terrorism and Emergency Response"

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  • eric Krieg
    People, We still need a volunteer to at least help out with our newsletter. Our coming meeting April 15 is in room W2-48 at 2:00 PM directions at:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2006
         We still need a volunteer to at least help out with our newsletter.
         Our coming meeting April 15 is in room W2-48 at 2:00 PM   directions at:
      Mr. Ralph Gumbert will give a talk on “Terrorism and Emergency Response”

      Trenton Emergency Medical Service, based in Trenton, New Jersey, maintains a state
      of readiness in the advent of an emergency like a terrorist attack, but does not
      have as extensive storage capacity for overages. Mr. Gumbert has pointed out that
      “TEMS has limited space for an overabundance of supplies, but maintains sufficient
      stock for an initial response to [for example] a widespread infectious outbreak,”
      and that “Needs exceeding the reserves of TEMS would be met on a 24-hour basis
      through our suppliers and vendors.”
      Ralph Gumbert, RN, CEN, EMT-P, is Trenton Emergency Services Director. Mr. Gumbert
      will discuss the current state of preparedness of emergency response teams, the
      realities concerning supply needs for emergencies and how to realistically deal
      with these issues.

         The following meeting, May 20 will be held as a field trip to the Academy of Natural
      Sciences of Philadelphia at 2pm.  One of the curators will give us a
       special presentation on evolution.  Admission cost is 10$
         Along the lines of evolution: There has been an interesting discovery.  My 30 year old
      copy of the book, "the Collapse of Evolution" (which I fell for, then) pointed out
      that scientists were embarrassed that there simply weren't examples of transitional
      species.  The book mentions no proof of the transition from fish to reptiles and gloated
      about reputed extinct fish to still exist. Since then, there have been many impressive
      examples coming out of the earth to fill in the gaps quite nicely. 
         Just this week has been announced the discovery of Tiktaalik - a creature that
      appears half way between fish and reptile.  It has scales, fins and other fish morphology,
      but has a neck, fins that appear to have the bone structure of land animals and it lacks
      normal gill bone structure.
         There have been a number of evolutionary instances of land creatures going back to the
      sea, but not as many examples the other way.   One would expect the first creatures to
      make the jump to have unchallenged access to a huge new environment - and hence to
      then evolve quickly to fill so many new niches.
      In other news of skeptical interest has been the latest most responsible test of prayer
      for medical patients to not have results beyond chance.
      hoping to see a bunch of you at the April 15th meeting,
      Eric Krieg

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